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Can not put into action any of the options that have been given to eliminate the problem of spam, or simpler not interested in solving it? It's curiosity.

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We are sorry for the delays

We are sorry for the delays in moderating the forums. We are working on ways to limit the spam on the forums. We hope for your understanding and patience on this matter.

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If there is a funds shortage

If there is a funds shortage that delays implementation of anti spam on the forums, alerting us regulars of the special need of funds to help solve the problem of spam, will probably net the site a few bucks, at least from me, and I do not think I am the only one that thinks this way.

May be worth alerting members in some sort of announcement if this is the case.

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The other day when I started a new topic, I encountered a bot trap in the form of a little arithmetic sum. I did the sum and was able to post the topic. That trap has since disappeared, and now we're seeing more of this idiotic spam than ever and over a wider time range. Was there a problem that made that mechanism unsuitable?

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Hi, can you point us to where

Hi, can you point us to where you see the spam? We are dealing with the spam on our end. We have not yet decided on the best route to achieve our goal on getting rid of spam but please be assured that we are working on it. 

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One just popped up in Atheist

One just popped up in Atheist Hub with the poster named as "varun9400".

I've noticed the spam seem to start in a different forum each day. Yesterday they started in the Site Support and spread to the others later. Today it looks like the moron is targeting the Atheist Hub first.

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Your AR forum mod here.

Your AR forum mod here.

Click on Forum Moderation, filter on not-published. I unpublished them as soon as I see them.

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That's great! Thanks so much

That's great! Thanks so much for unpublishing them. 

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What we need, and I cannot

What we need, and I cannot provide with my permission set, is a way to block them premptively. I'm having to unpublish sometimes hundreds a day.

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I've found that the Captcha

I've found that the Captcha trap only works the first time I post after logging on to AR. Once it recognizes me as a human for that session, I can post all I want without going through the test. So once the spam moron passes the test the first time, he/she/it is free to unleash it's robots.

Can't the trap be set to operate for every post and new topic, rather than just the first one?

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Cyber, sent you a private

Cyber, sent you a private message. Please check. Thank you!

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