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Social Media Strip

I realize most persons may rely on that Social Media Strip. However, some like me view those social media channels as worse than bullshit. Literally.

I do not use any social media due to the fact it is as secure a screen door on a submarine. Thus, I am asking, for those exceptional few people like me who do not want that Social Media Strip on their screen.

I am not asking you to completely throw it away. I am asking for you to provide a way that the strip can be closed.

I hate seeing that damned thing popup on my screen. I do not use any social media. Never have, never shall. I just a want a wauy that I can close the strip and not have it on my screen.

It is just as bad as that damned popup that continuously asks me to sign up for the newsletter when I have already done so.

Thanks for your valuable time and efforts.


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The media strip is a sticky

The media strip is a sticky footer. To kill sticky footers, headers and side bars
drag Alisdair McDiarmid's Kill Sticky bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar.

Should a sticky need to be restored, refresh your screen.
I love this thing and use it all the time.

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I have tried something like

I have tried something like that. Like you said, as I go from page to page, it is like a refresh and those damned things popup again.

I just wished they would be illegalized. I hate shit like that, and cannot stand when someone pushed that social media bullshit.

I remember making an account with facebook when it first started. Even then I knew, "This is nothing but a site where stupid dumb-asses can prove how big of a stupid dumb-ass they are." I ain't never been back. And as new social media bullshit has popped up, well... I have run the other way.

I don't need that shit. Don't want that shit. And wish it would just go the fuck away.

I'll try that thing again since it has been

And the biggest problem I have is that I do not have my bookmark bar open. As far as I am concerned, having the menu bar and address bar is all I need or want. That is more than enough.

Well, just tried it. It does not work.


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Just checked, turns out my

Just checked, turns out my AdBlock kills those stickies. A simple add-on for safe browsing seems to work just fine in this case too. Thanks for info :)

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Hello. I am the complete

Hello. I am the complete opposite in this. I mean, I love all social networks without exception and spend a lot of time there.

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A social media symbol strip

A social media symbol strip is a visual representation of various social media platform logos aligned in a row or column. It is commonly used on websites, business cards, and marketing materials to promote social media presence.

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Navigating the 'Social Media

Navigating the 'Social Media Strip' feels like a never-ending test of wits. From perfectly filtered photos to endless updates, it's as if everyone is shouting, "take my exam!" Yet, amidst the noise, there's a spark of connection and creativity waiting to be found. Ready to ace this digital dance?

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