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The following user keeps coming back and breaking spam/ self promotion rules:

Please remove this persons posts, ban user, whatever. It's not like they're to contribute in anyway.

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Yes, I take care of them all

Yes, I take care of them all as soon as I see them.

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Wish we could help CyberLyn.

Wish we could help CyberLyn. They keep changing their user name. Must be automated. Royal pain in the ass I bet!

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Yeah unfortunately, in the

Yeah unfortunately, in the life cycle/war of bots versus human authentication tools like Captcha is currently falling behind to bots that can circumvent them. That is the unfortunate name of the game, it only takes one person to write the code that defeats Captcha for the entire system to fail. Then captcha fixes the flaw, and on the game goes.

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Here we go again..

Here we go again..

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