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T shirt

Are the T shirts available in the UK ?

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I think they should be

I would like them to be available in the UK and I wrote to AR about this. I don't really understand the response.

"We appreciate your offer, unfortunately, the AR logo is trademarked. We do not give permissions to anyone outside of the organization to handle money on our behalf or make money off on our logo/name as we are a non profit organization and must be mindful of income."

So it is problematic somehow for AR to arrange for someone in the UK to produce trademarked goods.

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You can search for T-shirts

You can search for T-shirts in popular UK stores https://drive-mad.com or online marketplaces, such as Amazon UK, ASOS, Topshop, Zara, and many others.

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Yes, the T-shirt are

Yes, the T-shirt are available in the United Kingdom. They are available in different and unique varieties One of my friends lives in the UK and he often sends me T-shirts to my place and which then I would wear it with my James bond bomber jacket. No doubt their T-shirts are the best.

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There are many different

There are many different types of T-shirts. What T-shirt are you talking about? Without any further information, I cannot provide you with a specific answer. https://contexto-wordle.com/

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