tarashingji111 is placing ads on threads

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tarashingji111 is placing ads on threads

User tarashingji111 is placing ads on all the forum boards.


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Thanks, arakish. These

Thanks, arakish. These spammers are frequent visitors. Typically they are taken care of before you ever see them. Every now and the one will slip through but they get sent packing pretty quickly.

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What would be nice is to have

What would be nice is to have a "Report Post" button on every post. Then it can send a faster report as I have seen on other forum boards. However, that may be a complicated thing for y'all to implement... Especially since I do not understand the underlying forum board software. I'm just a user.


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Its stupid that they don't

Its stupid that they don't identify this forum at least, as an atheist domain, where there is zero hope of attracting anyone to their astrological hokum. They're just pissing folks off.

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