Is there a way to hide, a particular user posts/topics from yourself?

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Is there a way to hide, a particular user posts/topics from yourself?

Most of us are annoyed with trolls and spammers that hinder discourse and mature discussion.
Most are banned after a while but there are some (eg kenny) that are annoying to even see their name sometimes.

Is there a way to just not see what they wrote, like an option to not see the particular user comments.
It is OK to see that they have written something, but maybe you do not wish to read it or see huge pages that forces you to scroll down a lot because of their spam.

Like a show/hide option on the posts that can be pre-set against a particular user.

Any other ideas on these lines are welcome.
CONSTRUCTIVE criticism are also welcome.

What do you think?

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We definitely need another

We definitely need another option. If people that have been banned multiple times such as the individual known as "Kenny Schweiger", "Kenny", "myself", "alleycat", "richardd", "Christopher", "marken", "punkin", "amber" amd "Simon" can continue to return and troll it would be nice to be able to block their input some way. I’m all for the show/hide suggestion.

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I had the same thought. The

I had the same thought. The downside is that it will still expose all newcomers to the trolls.

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yea but at least force the

yea but at least force the troll to change account more often, and since you can see that he posted something, you can always put your usual warning message to newcomers.

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Very much agree that a show

Very much agree that a show/hide option would be of benefit. Or a "block user" option, if that's doable?

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