Your CRO Is Broken, And Badly

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Your CRO Is Broken, And Badly

Whoever is administering this site, needs to take a long, hard look at the CRO software they're using from The reason being, that it's rapidly becoming so much of an annoyance, with respect to "Page Unresponsive" dialogues popping up in Google Chrome, that it's now one step removed from denial of service attack malware.

Plus, even an elementary examination of the developer console, yields a frightening catalogue of errors being generated by the page, including forced reflows, event handlers requiring frankly ridiculous amounts of time to execute and triggering violations, but the code compounds this, by launching a continuous chain of setInterval() JavaScript calls, that all result in execution time violations, and start impacting the browser's performance in a serious way, if you let this code run for more than about 15 minutes.

You might want to ask yourself some serious questions, not only with respect to the sort of data that's being slurped from the site and sent to people no one in their right mind would trust, but with respect to the fact that their code is bringing your page to its knees. You need a far less invasive CRO system in place.

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Mentioned it. Done no good.

Mentioned it. Done no good.


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Exactly along with that I

Exactly along with that I would love to add "Resolving host" issue too often.

Sere Smith

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Send some screenshots.

Send some screenshots.

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Yeah, it is terrible. As a work around I recommend using a browser addon to block off-site scripts. Something more or less like noScript for firefox.

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Trouble happens. As most of

Trouble happens. As most of us tend to make our own assumptions with very little truth to base them on, this trouble is almost inevitable. One such example was discussed at the recent COS 2015, in which some CRO employees shared how they had incorrectly assumed that the pharma-sponsor employees they were working with had much more money and job security than they did. Once the two groups of employees opened up to each other, the CRO team learned that the pharma employees actually weren’t any “better off” than they were—they had actually been experiencing job insecurity for at least the past 10 years.


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thanks for the help! I have

thanks for the help! I have blocked site scripts and it's much more comfortable now

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