The Prayer of Cruelty

Prayer of Cruelty

Nottingham: A famous faith healer tragically failed to predict the death of a toddler who came with family to attend his charismatic convention in Nottingham. The toddler had been taken to hospital after the incident, in a side road between the venue and the Ice House Apartments shortly after 08:00 BST on Saturday.

Fr. Xavier Khan Vattayil, a televangelist from India, is well known for curing terminal illnesses and brain tumors and he claims that Christ works through him (only). He miserably failed to predict and prevent this tragic incident. Not a word about this event was mentioned during the entire convention. This type of convention is a “business” where he is paid with a huge amount of money.

This tragic incident was reported in many prominent news channels like BBC and MailOnline instantly, but the mass who took part in the convention was completely unaware about the whole incident till the end of the session! People began protesting in Social Media, questioning the priest and his morality.

“Retarded believers will never learn. When the mind is blind, the eyes are of no use. Sad incident!“ exclaimed Ajay Thomas, a UK resident.

This incident depicts that the “so called agent” of Christ gives more importance to money than humanity. After a futile prayer and urging people to vote against gay marriage in Ireland, this man has now exposed himself to be a con man, one of the many belonging and protected by the Catholic Church!

Photo Credits: UKMALAYALEE

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