Multiculturalism: A Free Pass for Islam

We all experience it. Progressive politicians are forcing us to believe that multiculturalism is a good thing. But I, as a European living in one of the most tolerant countries on this planet (the Netherlands) can assure you that this is all a lie.

Fortunately more and more people are waking up. With a growing influence of Islam we begin to realize that we have made a terrible mistake. It is not a coincidence anti-multiculturalist parties are rising in Europe. The United Kingdom Independence Party, the Dutch Freedom Party and the French National Front have grown significantly over the past decade.

Multiculturalism has given Islam a free pass to Western Europe. We have been forced to put the Islamic culture on one line with our own culture. Islamic hate speech can nowadays be justified by it 'being part of their culture', while anti Islamic speech is labeled 'discrimination' or 'racism' and made taboo in many European countries.

'Racism' Has Lost All Its Meaning

If I had one Euro for every time I've been called a 'racist' for speaking out against Islam, I'd be a millionaire by now. Racism is to (de)value an individual or a group of individuals on the ground of their skin colour/race. It has nothing to do with culture or religion. The term 'racist' is nowadays used to shut up those who legitimately criticize Islam.

But let's imagine 'racism' does include culture and religion. Wouldn't that make Islam the most racist race on this planet? What multiculturalism does is not making all cultures equal. It favours devaluing one's own culture in order to praise any other culture that might be 'different'.

Islamophobia Does Not Exist

Another one of those meaningless words created by multiculturalists is 'islamophobia'. I oppose Islamic values and I feel degraded by this term. A phobia would indicate a (partially irrational) fear of Islam. I am not afraid of Islam, I am against Islam, but no more than I am against Christianity or Hinduism. Have we ever seen terms like 'christianophobia' or 'hinduphobia'? Of course we have not. The word 'anti-christianity' does exist though. Then why can't we use the word 'anti-islamism'?

It is very simple. Multiculturalists love to throw with terms they do not understand, like 'racist' and 'islamophobe' to silence legitimate criticism of Islam. The words themselves have no value, but they have such a negative sound to them that multiculturalists love to use these words in their propaganda.

Some Cultures Are Simply Better

Just by saying this you will often be called a 'racist'. This is nonsense. How is it racist to say that cultures which respect human rights, support democracy and have humane justice systems are better than those which don't? How is it racist to stand up for free speech? How is it racist to stand up for women's rights? How is it racist to stand up for gay marriage, humane justice systems, euthanasia and most important of all, peace? Western culture is not just equal to Islamic culture, it is better.

People who claim that Islam can emancipate and start respecting human rights are wrong. Once Islam starts valuing human rights, it won't be Islamic anymore. Islamic culture is based on Quranic scripture, and since Quranic scripture is absolute, it can never be compatible with human rights.

'Taking Offence' Is Their Weapon

This, ladies and gentlemen, is as hypocritical as it gets. Islamic people regularly complain that they are offended by western culture. I got to witness this nonsense first hand when Geert Wilders (leader of the Dutch Freedom Party) was being put on trial for hate speech against Islam. The people who genuinely believe that homosexuals should be killed, adulterers should be stoned and that women deserve no rights went to the Dutch court and complained that mister Wilders called Islam 'a cult of murder and bloodshed' and that he therefore should be jailed for hate speech. I need to ask myself: Do these people pretend to be completely insane, or are they truly insane? It turns out they are truly insane when they compared Wilders to Hitler, and Wilders' speeches to holocaust propaganda.

This trial is a laughable attempt to stop anti-islamism. We can only laugh at such a thing... or can we? It turns out we can't. Because instead of defending human rights, the ultra-progressive multiculturalists supported the Muslims. What is happening to our society? since when does 'progressive' mean 'anti human rights'? Why do progressive feminists fight for women's rights right up and until the point of Islam?

Political correctness and fear of admitting that multiculturalism is a failure have taken over the progressive parties in Europe. They are not fighting for genuine human rights anymore. They are now fighting for Islam's right to shut you up, and that is something all Europeans should truly be scared off.

If Islam is offended by free speech, gay marriage, women's rights, euthanasia, democracy, bacon and genuine human rights, it is not time for us to change. It is time for Islam to leave.

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