The Vicarious Lives of Gods and Men

Eyes on the TV

I don't watch the news. The closest I come to it is catching The Daily Show occasionally. You might think it's simply because of all the bias that now permeates the mainstream media outlets, making a mockery of the idea of journalistic integrity, but that isn't it. The reason is the same reason I don't watch Honey BooBoo or Duck Dynasty or any other "reality" television. That shit is not reality. What it is, is mindless crap being spoon fed to a nation of zombies who seem content with living vicariously through a fucking television screen.

Oddly enough a great many of these people are religious and have no clue of the irony at play here. You see, their gods have always lived vicariously through them and so the idea of living vicariously through the lives portrayed on the idiot box probably seems normal to them. These people tell us their gods are alive and present here, but if so they are little more than another fat ass sitting in front of their cosmic television eating Cheetos and waiting for the blood to start flowing. The fact is that not a person on this earth has ever honestly seen a god do a single damn thing and given that, if a god does exist he's simply a coward content with a vicarious life that revolves mainly around sitting and watching the suffering of mankind.

It's Like Blood to a Vampire

As I've grown up I've watched the news become steadily more apt to show the most heartless and gruesome acts of human depravity. A CD that has some cussing in it gets a parental advisory, yet the news just tells you that what you're about to see is gruesome and may be unsettling. And still families crowd around the television to see the next mass murder. The consequence of this is that people have begun to believe that the atrocities on the news are just everyday events. It's helped to create a world full of people who are afraid of the whole world and scared to even leave the damn house.

Additionally it's given us a great many Christians here in the US that are obsessed with guns. It's gotten to the point that we have absolute idiots toting assault rifles around on the streets and into businesses including restaurants where families just want to sit and have a nice meal. These people seem unaware that the vast majority of citizens are not criminals hell bent on murdering everyone, and that there honestly isn't a need to carry an AR15 everywhere they go. But they have been indoctrinated with the doctrine of fear that the mainstream media keeps preaching, and they are ignorant of reality. And quite honestly they seem fully content on feeding from that buffet of ignorance and fear.

Credulous at Best

The belief in a deity which has all the power in existence yet chooses to live vicariously through humans is ridiculous. This notion above all others is the definitive reason for my disbelief. The idea of an all powerful god who does absolutely nothing is simply untenable for me. It defies logic and completely negates the idea of benevolence. Any person who has grown up in a loving home with supportive parents knows full well what benevolence is. We've received assistance when we need it from them, along with constant love and support. They do not leave us in the lurch when we are unable to do it on our own.

So where is your living god? What is that god doing in this world? If it isn't doing anything as far as you can tell then why do you worship him? Do you also worship the cowardly generals who send others off to die while they sit cozy behind shelter? How do you offer respect to a being that, if it exists at all, is content with a vicarious life of simply watching the show? Maybe if we ourselves were not so apt to indulge in a vicarious life, we would see clearly that if god truly exists and is what so many say he is, then he is unworthy of worship, simply because he is too cowardly to actually participate in the lives of those who so earnestly believe in him.

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