Cost of Exposing the Religion of Peace

Islam is known for being the religion of peace. But if you want to know the truth behind this slogan, try speaking against it and see how peaceful Muslims are with you.

This blog is too small to encompass my journey from “believing” to “knowing”, so I would only share those portions that will help readers see the true face of Islamic ideology and the peace-loving Muslims. I use a pseudonym because I am still in an Islamic state where my own relatives are trying to get an edict issued against me for being an apostate.

My crime is that I chose rational thinking over blind faith. I chose to voice this rationalism and condemn the inhuman doctrines that Muslims consider god-sent. I chose to bust the myths in Quran and Hadith with science and facts. I chose to transform myself after realizing that it was impossible to reform the religion I was indoctrinated into. And worst of all, I did it all without concealing my name and whereabouts on digital and social media.

Despite having several educational and career opportunities in my early years to leave this country, I never opted for one and chose to stay here for the love of my parents and roots. Today, I am trying to shift places within the city I live in and not let people know about it.

My childhood friends called me stupid for running a blog with over 80 entries that advocate rationalism over religion. I am told that I should have respected the beliefs of others and that I called this upon myself because of my own mistake. I took my blog and all social media IDs offline after my mother cried and begged me to stop writing for the sake of my life.

My avid readers in different countries contacted me over email, asked if I was alright and if they could help me in any way. It left me surprised that the people I loved all my life were adamant in taking it, while the ones I hadn’t met in my entire life were willing to save it.

So why would my own relatives want to declare me an apostate? Rationally speaking, it isn’t very difficult to decipher. According to Sharia law, if they succeed in getting an edict against me, I would be stripped off all rights over my wife, children and property.

Furthermore, I will be a bounty hunt for Jehadists who would love to kill me for heavenly rewards, just as they killed Ananta Bijoy Das, Washiqur Rahman and Avijit Roy.

I am just one of the many who raised their voice against Islam. And this is just one story that made it to you. There are many like me, unheard, who either die closeted or face persecution.

Living in an Islamic state and being targeted as an apostate is enough to lose the battle, irrespective of whether an edict is issued against you or not. It is a stage where people are unwilling to hear anything that you say, no matter how rational or humane. It is a mindset that knows nothing beyond establishing the writ of god. It is a paradigm whereby the name and word of god is used in order to sever relationships and kill humans.

But my story isn’t over yet, and I will not let it end at the hands of such godly people. I intend to pen a new chapter with my own name as I make it beyond these borders.

If you are reading this and wish to support me, choose knowledge over belief. Stand for humanity over religion.

Being a mountain climber, I know how to surmount on my own, if not die trying.


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