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I am 16 and come from a religious family following the most orthodox sect of Islam. Growing up in a religious family and in such an environment where a person cannot say a single word against a sect, let alone Islam, is really a struggle I have put up with. But as they say, you cannot silence the thoughts, you can silence a man, but his thoughts live forever, inspire the masses and they cannot be silenced through absurd accusations of blasphemy, sword and fear. Here I am today, writing for you guys, though I don't know I might be the next person to get killed because of my beliefs and writings.

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Sat, 11/12/2016 - 08:05

Religion is the result of the craftsmanship of man.

Mon, 09/21/2015 - 07:40

Muslims suffer from an identity crisis, and try to associate with Arab culture and traditions, assuming they will become more pious Muslims doing so.