Why Islamic Laws Are Not Applicable in Today’s World

If we look at the Quranic injunctions pertaining to Shariah, it will soon be very evident to a man who has no religious bias, no blind followership to religion, and who is rational and enlightened that the age old teachings of Quran cannot be applied to the present times. The people who desperately aspire for the promulgation of Islamic Shariah to the present Muslim world are oblivious of a fact that the two, the current age and the Islamic Shariah, are incompatible and it is rather disastrous to struggle for this unholy cause. Nothing but a failed state will be the ultimate outcome of this irrational movement.

Religion is the result of the craftsmanship of man. Nobody in the heavens ever dared invent this tool nor devised this method to put people into the labyrinth of religiosity. People ask to provide solid proof to justify my thesis but they themselves badly fail to prove the existence of God. If only holy scriptures are presented to tell about the existence of God in the universe, then obviously a skeptic person will challenge their authenticity. He will fail to accept the argument about the holy books being the word of God.

Religion is actually an epitome of ethical and moral codes. The books of Ethics called the heavenly Holy Scriptures had been emerging in different times and in different areas with little differences. These messages had far reaching effects beyond doubt. Morals values change with the change of time. Incest, for instance, was very often practiced. But in today’s world, this is the most appalling act. Women were indeed the weaker gender in all walks of life until the recent past. But now the world has realized that for the national progress, the role of women cannot be denied. So many social and cultural and moral codes change as the times change. They cannot be static as it is against the law of nature. “Changing rules for the changing times; unchanging rules for the unchanging times” has been very aptly said by Muhammad Abduh. If these moral codes do not show flexibility and change according to the needs of the present times, man will have to face very serious problems. The decisions taken in a particular age for a particular society are never meant to be applicable for all ages and for all societies. With the help of the doctrine of necessity, people keep bringing certain changes. The social codes are the mirror to that particular land they were vetted for. We easily come to know about the social and ethical fabric of a society by reading the clauses that address the character building of the people of that time and place.

Religions claim that their Shariahs are applicable until the very last day of this whole universe. It is quite childish and today only an imbecile can believe that. This is as absurd as throwing a big rock and claiming that the earth won't attract it. Since the advent of the modern industrial and scientific world, we have not seen even a single successful muslim state on earth. In the past, whatever Muslims warriors achieved or grabbed was the result of barbaric invasions and ruthless massacres. What is the main reason that developed countries never ever thought of applying Islamic system of government in their countries? The capitalist and socialist ideologies have been very well applied there. A great number of exoduses of Muslim people from their countries to other developed countries provides the biggest proof that it’s not dogma, creed or belief that carve out the state system. It is the political wisdom, love for science and rationality, respect for common citizens and sincerity with the main cause of nation building that guarantee the success and growth, not the teachings of any holy book or the sayings of any prophet or spiritual and religious mentor. Islamic ideologies are so outdated and obsolete that they cannot be promulgated even in an Islamic state in letter and spirit, nevermind their promulgation in the non Muslim world. The present Islamic societies are the living proof of the death of any theologian state. People very proudly claim that in no state is the Islamic rule in practice. It is a very diplomatic way to accept defeat blatantly.

Since the advent of Islam 1400 years ago, there is no state that is an icon of perfection, progress and welfare. Karl Marx and Frederick Engels presented a scientific socialism. Most of the people said that it was almost impossible to apply this theory practically to the world. But in 1917, the Soviet Revolution, under the leadership of Lenin made it possible. It did not take centuries to make a dream of Karl Marx come true. In the same way the capitalist ideologies wrapped the whole world very soon.  But so far Islamic Ideologies have badly failed to inspire the people to fight and aspire for its promulgation. Socialism is spreading very rapidly and South America is a living example to quote for this. The capitalist countries like the USA and the UK have also inspired the whole world very deeply. But when we look around for muslims, we see Al-Qaeda, ISIS (Daaeish) and other terrorist organizations only spreading fear, terror and barbarism all around. If the muslims say that islam is not being implemented anywhere then how can they expect open-minded rationalists like us to believe that it is applicable. Obviously a open-minded person will simply believe that it is only confined in a book.

It is quite clear that the practical implementation of Islamic Law and Shariah on the countries will play unprecedented havoc. It will be like journeying many millennia back to the stone ages. Now the people will have to decide whether they will like to join hands with those who wish for a safer, more rational and scientific society or with those whose agenda is to make this beautiful world a hell-fire place.

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