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I grew up in a typical non-denominational Christian home in Illinois and now live in Philadelphia with my three-legged puggle, Darwin. Around my mid-teens, for innumerable reasons, I began to question many of the things that I had taken for granted, including “God.” I soon became interested in philosophy and religion and went on to graduate from Bradley University with a Philosophy and Religious Studies. Currently I’m a co-host for a new podcast (“Hinge”) that’s in development about an atheist (me!) and a pastor exploring the life and teachings of the historical figure, Jesus of Nazareth. I also regularly participate in debates about, and give lectures on, issues pertaining to moral philosophy and the philosophy of religion.

Tue, 09/02/2014 - 06:32

The debate in the area of God and Morality tends to focus explicitly on whether or not atheism necessarily leads to moral nihilism.