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The Atheist Camel Chronicles
Atheist Camel Chronicles

The Atheist Camel Chronicles: Debate Themes & Arguments for the Nonbeliever (And Those Who Think They Might Be) – Dromedary Hump

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It is not so common that one comes across an opinionated camel with biting wit, dry humour, cutting sarcasm, outright blasphemy, unabashed irreverence and to the point arguments in favour of rational thought and against religious delusion. As n champion of common sense and reason, Dromedary Hump exposes conventional believer apologetics and dares theist platitudes while offering food for thought and debate fodder to those who identify as neophyte to intermediate atheists.

With over one hundred plain-speaking, no-hold-barred rants and essays on a range of religious topics, The Atheist Camel Chronicles is the book that you will keep going back to when you want to find a burr to put under the saddle of those who think they are holier than thou. The book will also help you glean comebacks for the hackneyed truths that some religionists use to comfort their faith in the day and age of practicality and science. Thought provoking, always hard-hitting and sometimes funnier than ever before, this book is a must have for every atheist, skeptic, agnostic who frequently engages in discourse and debate with the religiously afflicted.

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Think I'll actually download

Think I'll actually download this one...sounds pretty entertaining. Thx for the review.

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