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The Skeptic's Annotated Bible

The Skeptic's Annotated Bible

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This "bible" has the entire King James Bible text presented from the point of view of a non-believer with organized notes and interesting criticism.

Dr. Michael Shermer, Skeptic magazine’s Founding Publisher of and the Executive Director of the Skeptics Society was quoted as saying that The Skeptic's Annotated Bible is an astounding achievement, sharing that while he has an entire bookshelf of the real bible as well as biblical commentaries, appendices and concordances, the SAB is the best biblical research tool he has ever discovered.

Julia Sweeney, a writer and performer known for works such as "God Said Ha!" and "Letting Go of God" mentioned that she has been waiting for such a book all her life, and is happy that all the stories of the craziness, violence and profanity as well as the sublime can now easily found all in one book.

Dr. Peter Boghossian from Portland State University who authored "A Manual for Creating Atheists" also said that the SAB is an irreplaceable presentation of the bible - one that does not cover up the contradictions, absurdities, misogyny and contradictions that make the "good book" not a “good” book at all. He even went so far as to say that it is the only book he keeps on his desk.

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I will be making time to read

I will be making time to read this one one day! I bet this would be great throne room material.

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I definitely would like to

I definitely would like to hunt down a copy of this. I'm not a believer, but I do value the Bible as a rough historical account from the point of view of a civilization for whom no other historical account exists. We already know what happened to the Egyptians and the Romans, who share the stories with them.

Zaphod's picture
Now what you are on about

Now what you are on about here is truly interesting, I would love I mean love to read a book which compares the bible criticisms and other historical accounts. I would even doubly love it if it threw in science.

SammyShazaam's picture
Well, you've got your Dead

Well, you've got your Dead Sea Scrolls, the historians of Rome (who cared very, very little about what was going on with the Jews), and now we've got the historical records out the the sands of the Nile Delta. Someone should get on a cross reference text pronto.

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Your're a great writer as is

Your're a great writer as is evident by what I have seen of your non-boring style on the site, perhaps you should write a book doing this, I would buy a copy if you did.

SammyShazaam's picture
Thanks for the compliment...

Thanks for the compliment... but I would much rather pay $20-60 for a copy of someone else's book on the subject. I really do hope someone else picks up the torch and spends the necessary years running with such an undertaking!

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This sounds like good

This sounds like good motivation for giving attention to the bible, something I have never voluntarily done. People have told me I should read the bible to gain my own perspective but I have never found reason to since it would take time to investigate specific sections. This sounds like a short cut for studying the bible.

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I recommend reading the bible

I recommend reading the bible, only because it's an iconic text of our current society, and has shaped many of the popular opinions of our current time period. Knowing where it all comes from gives a little bit of insight as to how society tends to interpret things.

It's pretty much like Aesop's Fables and Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tales. I don't believe it, but I do recognize it's place in the backbone of our collective culture.

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It's only available in hard

It's only available in hard copy and it's $32! I'll wait for the ebook version since that's the only way I have time to read any more.

Zaphod's picture
I hear you there I tend to

I hear you there I tend to read the book previews after I think I'll try a book and then if I really like it I will look for it on or even go to Barnes and Nobles and see if they have it there I would go to the Library if they had a coffee and desert place there.

efpierce's picture
I love Barnes and Noble! I

I love Barnes and Noble! I have three of them within a half hour from me! :)

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I am definitely adding this

I am definitely adding this to my collection! It sounds like someone did some work on this and I applaud that.

Zaphod's picture
Are you referring to your

Are you referring to your book collection or do you also have a bible collection?

mattyn's picture
Actually both. I have a

Actually both. I have a decent sized book collection and a fair amount of bibles from all over the world and in many different languages. It's interesting to read a translated one because just as languages are different, the ideals of the bible translate differently as well.

firebolt's picture
I think the fact that someone

I think the fact that someone took the time to annotate an entire bible is incredulous. I am sure that the first third or so is interesting and maybe even comical, but after that it must get very boring to try and think of new things to write.

Lmale's picture
Ive a very large book

Ive a very large book collection from when i actually had some money but there all sci fi and fantasy actually been trying to sell them for a while now.
Back to my point id love to read this but im far too poor.

ex-christian_atheist's picture
I'm with you there. I wish I

I'm with you there. I wish I could read all these books, but I don't have a penny to spare on them.

Jacob Johansen's picture
actually this one has a lot

actually this one has a lot of its content online. I use the online resource when I need a reference or counter point.

Lmale's picture
Oh cool thanks.

Oh cool thanks.

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I had never read the Bible

I had never read the Bible cover to cover when I was a Christian, because I just accepted the teaching of the Pastors and writers. I believed everything a Christian told me because Christians don't lie, do they? It wasn't until something happened to make me question my beliefs, that I started cross checking the things so many godless heathens said were in the Bible. I finally realized that I had been utterly brainwashed. I was uneducated about science, history, philosophy and so much more. I'm working to correct that.

I've started reading "The Skeptic's Bible" and I highly recommend it. I'm realizing that there were a lot of Bible verses glossed over or ignored in Genesis alone.

unremarkable_goat's picture
I like putting tabs in my

I like putting tabs in my copy, for quick reference.
I made sure the ones labeled 'Unicorns' are most noticeable.

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A very, very useful book. The

A very, very useful book. The online version's not bad if you can't remember where that bit that contradicts that other bit is, too. Type the words you remember into google and odds are the search result that gives you chapter and verse is The Skeptic's Annotated Bible. Ask google for a list of bible contradictions and you'll hit the SAB, too.

This is the atheist debater's version of the crossword puzzle fan's crossword puzzle dictionary.

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The holy babble... aka the

The holy babble... aka the book of multiple choice answers

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Sample of a book by the same

Sample of a book by the same author:

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I have read the Bible four

I have read the Bible four times front to back and studied The Bible for many years. I'm interested to see what The Skeptic's Annotated Bible is about.

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I use this book often as a

I use this book often as a reference, I have it in hard copy and on kindle. It is very expensive and hard to find in 2018.

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Try here: http://www

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