Disturbing Islamic Verse

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Disturbing Islamic Verse

In the hadith, we read about Muhammad sucking on the tongues of little boys, and about Muhammad having little boys suck on his tongue. For instance, in Musnad Ahmad 16245, we read:

"Mua’wiya said: I saw the prophet sucking on the tongue or the lips of Al-Hassan son of Ali, may the prayers of Allah be upon him. For no tongue or lips that the prophet sucked on will be tormented (by hell fire)."
Can anyone explain the religious significance of the aforementioned verse?

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Re: OP - "For no tongue or

Re: OP - "For no tongue or lips that the prophet sucked on will be tormented (by hell fire)."

...*blank stare*... Er, uh.... *corner of mouth starting to twitch*... I... umm... *sudden quick giggle*.... I would say... *schnerkle*... *clasping hand over mouth real quick*... *clenching eyes shut*.... *deeeep breath through nose*.... *attempting to regain composure*.... I think maybe it mea-... *guffaw*... *snicker-snortle*... Bwaa-ha-ha... *face turning red in restraint*... *cheeks puffed out*... *doing pee-pee dance*.... Can't... hold... any... longer.... *sudden eruption*.... Bwaaaaa-haasaaa-haaaaa-haaaaaa!... *dropping to floor*... *curled up in fetal position*... Bwaaaaa-haaaaa-haaaaa-haaaaa!.... *weak voice*... help... medic.... *laughter continues*.....

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Just my ignorant take on the

Just my ignorant take on the 'tongue sucking verse' is that in pre-dental hygene days a child having their tongue sucked by anyone or even the prophet would have been a such a disturbing hellish halitoxic event they would deserve to go straight to heaven having suffered in their innocence a bit of stinky saliva hell already.
*notices Tin quivering on the floor*
Even the mere thought of it has a profound effect on some.
Clean up, aisle 7!

added later...actually, now that I have read some current posts elsewhere it seems to me Tin wouldnt have a problem with that at all...given all the camel piss, cow urine, wombat poo and other delicacies he engages in and not to mention his aromatic oil can...to him prophets tongue would be ambrosia. Just a thought.

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@Grin Re: "... to him

@Grin Re: "... to him prophets tongue would be ambrosia. Just a thought."

....*still curled up on floor*... *attempting to catch breath*... *weak voice*... ow... help... mommy.... *reads last lines of Grin's post*... oh no... no-no-no.... you... ass... hole... *laughing fit resumes harder than before*.... *ambulance sirens heard approaching in background*...

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@ Mhester

@ Mhester

"Can anyone explain the religious significance of the aforementioned verse?"

Yea, the answer is simple. Muhammad not only was a pedophile, he was known for kissing young boys. He had to explain the deviant behaviour somehow, and his explanation that he was just saving the buys from future torment.

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First of all, this is not a

First of all, this is not a new thing
he was used to put his face between her daughter's tits(bihar-al-anvar book 43 page 78)
well you found that bad but i see this disgusting. muslim won't even accept this, this is so ass.
islam is just 500 pages(quran) and most of it is speechs which are not correct(atleast muslims say so)
but this is real and we won't believe prophet as a non-pedophile man
Proof is attached


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RE:"Can anyone explain the

RE:"Can anyone explain the religious significance of the aforementioned verse?"

Yes, it comes from camel theology. Sucking on tongues is what camels to when they are in heat. Sucking on camel lips is a metaphor of ultimate love.

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