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Hey guys.
I come from Chechnya. It's been almost a year now since I became an atheist, and it has been a hell of a relieve finally realizing that my now previous belief in Allah (Islam) was not on the basis of any kind of evidence or common sense, but rather as a result of religious indoctrination ever since I was born in a really islamic conservative society. It's like a lethal drug that can mess up your brain for good, and against all odds to end up being enlightened about the reality of organized religions, I think it's a personal achievement I can be proud of.

I'm glad I found this page on facebook. One of the few places where atheists throughout the world stand united for once and where we all can share our stories, views, experiences with each other..

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@ Militant-apostate (MA)

@ Militant-apostate (MA)

Welcome mate. Pull up a cushion, grab a beer/wine or vodka and hop on for a great ride. I've only been here a few weeks and it is like a really good private bar/club/hangout.

Some great brains, great humorists, sensible people and some raving looney tunes...but you will spot those quick enough!
Dive in, comment away you are among friends.

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Thanks, I like the feeling of

Thanks, I like the feeling of being around with other atheists in here even though it's just on the internet.. I hope one day the concept of atheism will be widely more acknowledged and accepted outside the western world.

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Hello, I am also a former

Hello, I am also a former Muslim from Indonesia, the country with the largest Muslim population in the world. I just realized that Islam is not a religion but a political group that might bring terrible effects to the world especially in my own country.

The doctrine and concept of divinity in Islam is enough to make me still feel the fear of God even though I keep trying not to think about it anymore.

So, welcome here and best regards my heathens friend.


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dude im Indonesian and i can

dude im Indonesian and i can find this forum,please dont use any personal profile pictures on Internet,stay anon
you know very damn well that if some radicals found your post here they can persecute you IRL

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Glad you found the page too.

Glad you found the page too. If you are still in an Islamic country, be careful. The stories I have heard about vacationers who let slip a comment about Allah, Christians and Atheists, seem really extreme. A man was in a shop at a bizarre and arguing with a shopkeeper. The shopkeeper said something about Allah and the tourist replied something to the effect of Fk Allah and Muhammad. He ended up being sentenced to 5 years in prison. The classic story was the Christian lady who was a field worker. They brought out the water in a bucket and after she dipped her cup into the water to get a drink, her co -workers would not drink from the same bucket. The Christian had contaminated the water. So the co-workers were in the middle of chastising her and she made the mistake of saying "Muhammad eats worms." Apparently this is an expression for lying. Anyway, she got the death penalty. (The tragedy of being a woman and a Christian in an Islamic country.) Her children were on the internet through some news service pleading for her life. The husband was no-place to be found. (Go figure.)

We also hear of bloggers and internet users rounded up daily. Protect yourself at all costs. Don't imagine the internet is secure in any way. Everyone in the government sees everything we write. It is just a fact of our modern age.

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actually no Indonesia are not

actually no Indonesia are not some Islamic Country,we dont use Islamic Laws
we are democratic republic from south east asia with 250Mil Population and yes most of them are muslims,but let me get this straight what you hear in Internet maybe it happened but in Middle East or countries like Iran maybe
in Indonesia if you talk bad about any religions you'll get caught and thrown into jail,but no death penalty
the only way to get death penalty in Indonesia is to bring 500 grams or 1 kilograms of drugs,Killing with intention,serial killer or mass murderer,terrorists,and traitor/spying for another country
actually Most of Indonesian are quite warm and friendly even though they muslims but they not radicals bunch

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Atheism is not an option and

Atheism is not an option and constitutes a socially unacceptable ideology in Indonesia (however there is no law that bans atheism). In recent years it has happened that Indonesians who published atheist worldviews on social networks were threatened by their local community and arrested by the police on charges of blasphemy; charges that can lead to imprisonment. Source:

I appreciate NotMyRealName's contribution here, but it appears that there are sometimes unofficial, community controls on freedom of speech and expression in Indonesia. Bangladesh and some other countries are officially secular and democratic but it can be unsafe to be openly sceptical or anti-religious. Perhaps Indonesia is unsafe in places for non-believers? Indonesia is a big place, Population about 260 millions. "Indonesia has more than 300 distinct ethnic and linguistic groups, although the largest and most dominant in terms of politics are the Javanese at over 40% of the population" (Source: quick google search).

(I have never been to Indonesia)

Welcome Militant_atheist and I can't imagine what a nightmare it might be for some to live in Chechnya these days, even if religious.

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if a Muslim become atheist in

if a Muslim become atheist in Indonesia,well that would be something if the person admit it to the public,because you know public are consist of many people and many views on ideology and religions,and not everyone gonna agree with,
in bad case probably that person are going into jail because of public tension rising and demanding it,to not recognize God it mean blasphemy in Muslim culture
actually we have law about faith/religion blasphemy in Indonesia
but if that person just admit become atheist to his/her close friend i think its okay..maybe
but from what i know is people are different in various places are reacting different about this,
people in big cities and educated ppl are fine about it,younger and educated people who mostly dont give a shit about your religion as long as you are not bad person,but in village or countryside that gonna be problem for some ppl
and the conclusion is yeah its totally safe here for everyone as long as you respect the law

about freedom of speech in Indonesia,Freedom of speech in here have limitation,because freedom or democracy are new in Indonesia,we started that kind of freedom after the fall of soeharto dictatorship regime on 1998,so maybe our freedom still have few limitations but its alright

about unofficial groups,it is hard for me to explain because it would sound bias but let me tell you the name of the group and do some googling FPI and HTI this two are widely known group who spreading hate to non-muslims in Indonesia but their kind are not too many and also hated my most muslims in indonesia and actually they kind of becoming political tools used for defaming political rivals,every country have it own prodigal son lol

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Very interesting, thanks

Very interesting, thanks NotMyRealName.
It is not surprising that most people hate Islamic Defenders Front and Hizb ut-Tahrir. They seem to be typical extremists and one step behind Da'esh.

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