God does NOT answer prayer!

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@Tin: Fuck it. I'm just

@Tin: Fuck it. I'm just going to off my self tonight to prove the fucking point and to end his inane senseless drivel. I think I will have sex till I die. Now where is that fking pig nose? "Here kitty, kitty, kitty. Here kitty, kitty kitty."

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@Cog Re: "Fuck it. I'm just

@Cog Re: "Fuck it. I'm just going to off my self tonight to prove the fucking point and to end his inane senseless drivel."

Hell, why bother? Even if you come back after you are dead and tell him you weren't afraid, he likely wouldn't believe you anyway. Or, based on his previous posts, he is likely to ignore what you tell him altogether.

Oh... And leave that poor little cat alone! You've already traumatized it enough as it is... Sheesh!

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@Fievel Mousekewitz: You don

@Fievel Mousekewitz: You don't have the intelligence or critical thinking ability to get impressions. I am a supporter of euthanasia, have lived a full and productive live, have traveled the world, and feel completely comfortable ending my life when the quality of it drops below tolerable comfort levels. Everyone and everything dies, it is as natural as breathing. YOU ARE WRONG AGAIN. AND THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME I HAVE MADE THE SAME ASSERTION ON THE SITE. HAD YOU DONE JUST A BIT OF DIGGING YOU WOULD HAVE SEEN THAT!

All you do is jump to conclusions, make inane assertions, and then attempt to evade responsibility for your bigotry. Now we are playing the mind reading game.

HEY CYBER: (I EDITED MYSELF) I really edited myself after those bullshit comments.

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" You don't have the intelligence or critical thinking ability to get impressions."
You posted several messages about how I am wrong about there being nothing after death.
To me it sounds like you are afraid to face death.

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I believe that may be your

Cognostic said it better.

I'll add one thing: Religious belief is about faith, it has nothing to do intelligence. A claim that Christians or Muslims or Buddhists or whoever are stupid comes under the general heading of ignorance and bigotry. Just as making a generalisation of any group of people

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I agree, those were stupid assumptions.
But I don't agree when it comes to death, I believe that's it, and there's nothing after death.

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@Fievel Re: "But I don't

@Fievel Re: "But I don't agree when it comes to death, I believe that's it, and there's nothing after death."

Howdy. I think I am starting to see where you are stumbling a bit. Maybe this will help...

You say you believe there is nothing after we die. We simply cease to exist. And that is all fine and well. Matter of fact, I happen to believe the same thing. I am reasonably certain that when I die , that's it. I'm gone. Lights out. Game over. No replay. No reset. The thing is, though, do I have any way to PROVE that is true?... Absolutely NOT. Fact is, NOBODY knows for certain what happens to us after we die. Well, except for those who are already dead, and trying to interview a dead person tends to be quite non-productive. (Either they are truly gone, or maybe they have to sign some type of nondisclosure contract when the reach "the other side"... *shrugging shoulders*...) Anyway, point being, despite what a person may believe in regards to death, WE DO NOT KNOW for certain what awaits us. Therefore, when you go around telling people, "I KNOW there is nothing after I die," you are making a statement that requires you to offer proof that it is true.

In other words, even though I believe the same as you do, if you were to tell me you KNOW it is true, I'm going to ask you to tell me how you KNOW this thing for certain. And then I will ask you to show me some sort of evidence and/or proof of it. On the other hand, it is quite okay to tell somebody, "I believe that when I die there is nothing afterwards. I can't prove it for certain, but it is what I believe." See the difference?

Look at it another way. A theist comes up to you and says, "I KNOW god is real, and that when I die I will be going to heaven with him." Naturally, you are going to ask, "How do you KNOW this? What evidence/proof do you have?" Of course, we all know he/she can offer ZERO proof/evidence of such things, in which case he/she is making a very bold claim that cannot be supported. But if a theist tells you, "I believe in a god and that I will go to heaven when I die. It is just what I feel to be true," then that person is at least being honest, and we are all entitled to our own beliefs. True, it is a very subtle difference, but a very important difference, nontheless. Hope that helps.

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Yes it does place it into better prospective as we all have our beliefs. Mine just say that death is the end. Of course they say the brain keeps going for up to 20 seconds after death, so I hope my last memories are good ones. And yes I guess there's no solid proof of nothing after death, but it is still what I believe.

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@Fievel Mousekewitz: "Of

@Fievel Mousekewitz: "Of course they say the brain keeps going for up to 20 seconds after death,"

Who in the hell do you think "They" is? If the brain if functioning "IT IS NOT DEAD" Your statement is bacically, "Someone, I have no idea who, once said that the brain keeps going 20 seconds after it is dead, and I believed them."

How about going to the debate room and asking some questions instead of insisting on making bizarre assertions?

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@Fievel MousekewitzI: " agree

@Fievel MousekewitzI: " agree, those were stupid assumptions"

FINALLy _ FOUR pages into this shit and you finally admit you are making unfounded and unsupported ASSUMPTIONS. IT'S ABOUT FUCKING TIME!!!!!

RE: "I believe that's it, and there's nothing after death."


In the statement above you are asserting a personal belief. NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU BELIEVE. You can use all sorts of facts and statistics to support your reason for believing the way you do. (There is no evidence,,, ergo... "I don't believe.") This is a rational claim based on facts and evidence. I HAVE ALREADY TOLD YOU THIS 3 TIMES.

THIS WAS NOT THE CLAIM IN YOUR ORIGINAL POST. YOU MADE THE ASSERTION ---- "THERE IS NOTHING AFTER DEATH." You are actually required to PROVE this claim. You are making an outright claim about reality. It is every bit as ignorant as your other claims. YOU CAN NOT PROVE YOUR POSITION. The claim is unfalsifiable. It is just an extension of your ignorant rant.

You have made a "NOTHING OF THE GAPS" argument. It is no different than a "GOD OF THE GAPS" argument. Asserting there is nothing after death is absolutely no different than asserting there is a God after death. (Or consciousness after death.) You can not possibly know anything about anything that happens after death. YOU CAN NOT KNOW THIS. All you can know is what happens to a brain before it dies. You can only know the empirical evidence leading up to death. Beyond that. you can add up all the information and the only ATHEISTIC assertion you can make is "I HAVE NO REASON AT ALL TO BELIEVE THAT CONSCIOUSNESS CONTINUES AFTER DEATH?" This or something very similar is the ONLY valid conclusion. You can not make the assertion (NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU BELIEVE IT) "There is nothing after death." YOU DON'T HAVE THE FACTS OR EVIDENCE TO MAKE THAT CLAIM. You are only filling in a gap with your belief about something of which you actually have no evidence at all for.

All theist claims about life after death, continuation of consciousness, etc... have all fallen short of their burden of proof. Your assertion "There is nothing" equally falls short of a burden of proof. YOU CAN NOT PROVE THERE IS NOTHING. YOU CAN NOT PROVE IT NO MATTER WHAT YOU BELIEVE. IT IS IN FACT AN INANE AND AN UNPROVED ASSERTION.

You would not let a theist talk like this so why in the hell do you do it yourself? You don't get to hold theists to one standard and yourself to another. That is hypocritical.

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It is an opinion, you may have yours, I don't care. I will have my opinion, or guess if you like. It is what I believe. You don't have to, that's fine too. What ever you care to believe is fine.

Thanks for discussing.

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@Fievel Mousekewitz: No!

@Fievel Mousekewitz: No! It was not an OPINION. It was a statement about facts. Obviously you recognize your error and are quite simply unwilling to admit your error. YOU FAIL AS AN ATHEIST. I have clearly compared your original statement with your back-sliding bullshit. I have explained it to you, Logic has explained it to you and Tin has explained it to you. You choose to be ignorant and that is your option. Good Luck.

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I was trying to say I am

I was trying to say I am sorry man.


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@Fievel Mousekewitz:

@Fievel Mousekewitz: Seriously.... Sorry around here is not the issue. Don't be sorry for anything. Get a book, look it up and learn something. If you think you are right, find studies that support your assertion and dig in for the debate. If you are wrong just admit it, learn from it and move on. There are a whole lot of very intelligent people around here and you will be called on BS just as I am called on my BS. People are going to correct you. Get used to it. People will debate with you and challenge your assertions. That is what happens around here.

LET'S MOVE ON.... You only learn by making mistakes. If we don't get challenged we can continue on with our lives making the same mistakes over and over and over. I am not the sort of person that wants to do that. I hope you aren't either. Good Luck in the forums/

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I don't believe there is anything after death. Due to a lack of evidence .However, there may well be for all I know IE I'm agnostic on this topic

"The word "agnostic" is based on the Greek a=not/without and 'gnosis' = knowledge. One may be agnostic about anything, it's just another way of saying "I don't know" .

Saying you believe there is nothing after death is an affirming (positive)statement and attracts the burden of proof.

So let's see the proof on which you base your belief. Please don't claim it's obvious or you've reasoned your answer. I demand empirical evidence.

I can't wait to see your reply . As metaphysical propositions tend to be, life after death , along with the existence of gods and free will are unfalsifiable .That means that so far, nobody has proved or disproved their existence .

That a thing has not been proved to be true does not make it false.That a thing has not been proved to be false does not mean it is true.

I refer you to Russell's teapot (look it up)

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@Fievel Mousekewitz: "To me

@Fievel Mousekewitz: "To me it sounds like you are afraid to face death."

And now that it has been clearly explained to you, how many more times are you going to make the same stupid remarks? I suggest you stop making stupid assertions and trying to mind read. You might also want to give up on making unsupportable bigoted assertions about things of which your are either blatantly wrong or can not possibly prove.

You said "There is Nothing after death" and that makes you sound like an idiot who does not know his ass from a hole in the ground. You said "Christians are Stupid" and that makes you a bigot. You said Freeman was correct and you have been proved wrong. Finally, you think you have the ability to mind read and that just makes you look like an idiot, and even more so after making the same stupid assertion a second time after clearly being told my position on death and dying.

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RE: "Mine just say that

@RE: "Mine just say that death is the end." STOP!!! Separate what you believe from what is actual and factual. Stop making fact statements that are unfounded, false, and unfalsifiable.

Tin clearly explains it to you once again and then you just ignore his post completely. NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT WHAT YOU BELIEVE!!! You are making statements of FACT and they are WRONG! You can not know what happens to you after death. HOW IS THAT NOT CLEAR TO YOU AT THIS POINT?

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Yes and when the prayer is

Yes and when the prayer is NOT answered it is the, "invisible Man's", will! Thoughts and prayers are meaningless and about as insulting as the ,"Blessed", bullshit I always hear from people that think they have been blessed and if you are having a rough time, the you are not on his good list!

In closing, can we petition to get those houses of worship, TAXED? So much revenue getting lost to crazy people!

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Two other ways to look at it

Two other ways to look at it : (apologies if I've already posted this)

(1) That God always answers, and the answer is always "no"

(2) That God does not answer because he doesn't exist. I think this is far more likely,. although I can't prove it . I make no claim.


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