Happy 2020!

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Happy 2020!

Happy New Year! After a long, eventful 2019 and 2010's, we are now in the 2020's.

What did you think about the year we (literally) just came out of? What are some of your resolutions?

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My resolutions:

My resolutions:

1. Never ever pander to conservatives.
2. expose stupid whenever I encounter it (That includes all religious)
3. Finish this darn book that I have been writing for 3 years.
4. Accept no more bananas from Cog. EVER.
5. Refuse the 5th cup of Tin Mans Egg Nog.
6. Lose 8kg.
7. Be kinder to all living things except Conservatives, "patriots", nazis and Cog.
8.Sell heaps of cool stuff I have collected.
9. Trash the DVD's spanning my last 15 years in film and TV. (my kids have copies) I need the room.
10. Stop making resolutions I will not keep.... which takes care of 3 through 10.

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@Old Man Re: "5. Refuse the

@Old Man Re: "5. Refuse the 5th cup of Tin Mans Egg Nog."

Good thing you added #10. Because after only two cups of my eggnogs you are incapable of refusing much of anything. Much less another cup of eggnog.

My New Year resolution is the same as always. Make no resolutions on the next New Year. It has worked out pretty good so far.... (I think?)... *scratching head*....

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Great resolutions!

Great resolutions!

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@Old man shouts

@Old man shouts

Pretty good list.

My only resolution is to do my best to wake up each morning and to enjoy each day .The rest are things I do or should do:

Expose stupid .Selfish of me, or perhaps prudent; I only confront stupid when it gets in my face. However, I still have a hard time suffering fools, so rarely try.

As it turns out , I've had a book in my head for about 40 years. My excuse is that the civil service destroyed any literary style I might have had .Still keep a diary .

I need to lose 12kg. That starts this week, with the powders .

Being kind to conservatives; When I was 7 a nun who taught me, told the class: " Stop throwing rocks and saying mean things to the protestant children. You need to be kind to them, it's not their fault they're protestants and are going to hell" (really) ---same thing with conservatives. Also, "it's wicked to mock the afflicted" (Frankie Howerd)

I have been decluttering my house slowly, over the last 5 years. Still have a large collection of DVDs I actually bought.

There's this organisation here called 'Trash Nothing'--people give stuff away which is too good to throw out. I have a pile of crap to give away.

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@ Cranky.

@ Cranky.
Thats a pretty good list there youself.
Its much like mine, but I gave up confronting stupid head on. It only makes them more resolved to stay stupid. I prefer to seed doubt.
Lose wieght, check. Which means eat less and less often...damn hard...I dont smoke drink do recreational drugs, gamble or sleep around...gluttony is my only vice...sure I'm healthy but life is boring and sometimes I cant wait to die. Squawk.

The screenplay I've been nursing for 10 years.

And I resolve to apply more compassion to fellow humans in keeping with my claim to humanism, which is hard as so many embrace wilful stupid.

When I was a kid I use to hate the Catholic kids who threw rocks and insults at me on the way home from Baptist Sunday school. My minister advised me not to feel anger but sympathy because the poor rock choppers thought they were all going to Heaven. ; )

Happy New Year!

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Hi there I have no

Hi there my resolutions is basically the same as last year .But I have new year plans . Travel and visit special events

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My resolution is simply to

My resolution is simply to improve my aim.

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Happy new years my fellows

Happy new years my fellows apes, my favorite miscreants!! Resolutions? What resolutions?... Oh yes... so:

After 27 years of existence... knowing to do my knots correctly. Yup!

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@ Talyyn

@ Talyyn

Which knots?

Top Knots?
What Nots?
Forget Me Knots?
Granny Knots?

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@Old man shouts...

@Old man shouts...

My apologies, i was talking about laces, for my shoes looool.

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@ Talyyn

@ Talyyn

No need to apologise I was giving my imagination free rein, I cam across some even more interesting applications for various knots but modesty forbad me to mention them....but it was interesting speculation!

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I'm working on my nots too...

I'm working on my nots too...
*not to fling poo at the innocent before touching my food.
*not to be so cruel to Tin Man unless he deserves it again.
*not to use 'fuck' more than three times in a sentence.
*not to piss off my fellow atheists unless they come on the site spouting absolute bullshit that pisses me off.
*not to violate the rules on AR, but to get as close to those violations as I possibly can.
*not to forget to brush my teeth once a month, whether they need brushing or not.
*not to pick at the scabs.
*not to take Old Man's bike for a joy ride when he is not looking.
*not to burn down the building

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