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@Cranky Re: To Cog - "Did

@Cranky Re: To Cog - "Did not your mother ever tell you it's wicked to mock the afflicted?"

Well, even if she did tell him, do you honestly think Cog would have listened to her?... *raising eyebrow*...

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@Cranky!: What Tin Said!

@Cranky!: What Tin Said! You have to respect a woman before you listen to her.

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"@Cranky!: What Tin Said! You have to respect a woman before you listen to her."

Didn't work that way for me. As a child, I listened to my mum because I adored her. As an adult listened to her because I loved and respected her.

I listened to the Penguins who taught me because I was fucking terrified of them; if you didn't listen they hit you

After the divorce, I would not consider bothering with a woman much under 35. I had discovered that in a relationship a that sooner-or-later one has to talk to her. Respecting what she has to say became a given.There was a time I would put up with a shallow airhead .(my ex was neither) That stopped being the case when I stopped thinking about sex every 30 seconds

----Today she needs to be good conversationalist***. Hence I belong to a discussion group. There are nine of us, 4 women and five men. We discuss current affairs. At 72 I am the youngest member. Closed now of course because of the fucking virus.

**In a relationship she needs to be willing to listen to me tolerantly, as I to her, possess the patience saints are supposed to have and a have a well developed assertiveness without being aggressive.


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