★★★★★★★★★★★★ [1 second conversion] Convert theist to atheist, in 1 sec

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In 1 second : This is not the

In 1 second : This is not the god in bible or any holy book ! He should give us all of the experiments and equations in the first place ! WTH !! What happened is the opposite Religions were and still against rationality and criticism plus the doubt itself Galileo was killed because he doubted the Church explanation of the solar system ! Your holy books are mostly stories It has nothing to do with science , Grow up .

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I don't need absolute knowledge when I have "Faith." (One minute just got expanded to a lifetime.)

If it was as easy as you wanted it to be, there would be no Christianity.

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That's why I think it's a

That's why I think it's a schizophrenic , Religions literally have no answer They kill the question !

And the problem is that they stretch the religion to be with science which is literally fake ! They're going out of their holy book now OK what kind of religion they follow ??? It looks each one has its own Christianity :)


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