100% Promise You Cant Deny This Proof! Ur Life Is About2 Change 4ever!

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Justice! Yet another drive-by

Justice! Yet another drive-by theist troll busted. When will they just stop already and get a life- all while ranting about how we are the ones who bash them because we "have nothing better to do and would otherwise go insane" (for more information on this dishonest tactic, see this RW article: https://www.rationalwiki.org/wiki/Psychological_projection)... oh wait, that's right... most of them don't care about this real life, of course. They care more about impressing their Sky Daddy so that they'll allegedly get an imagined one after they croak, having wasted nearly the the entirety of their unique, precious life.

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Audio was obviously copied

Audio was obviously copied from the movie The Purge. Nice try.

And also, I stopped watching as soon as this (sic) Undeniable Proof™ turned out to just be yet another shitty evangelical song consisting of your kind's usual fantasies of the Rapture and End Times- which I can absolutely, positively, undeniably guarantee will happen Any Day Now. Blah blah blah free will blah blah blah materialism and atheism are a sign blah blah blah you're all immoral and going to hell for using said free will

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When a thread title consists

When a thread title consists of hyperbolic claims, with over-use of exclamation marks, along with "txt spk" abbreviations, it pretty much advertises in advance the sort of dross that the thread was opened with.

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@Calilasseia Not to mention

@Calilasseia Not to mention that it's the hallmark sign of clickbait.

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2 Peter 3:3

2 Peter 3:3
"First of all you must understand this: In the last days mockers will come and, following their own desires, will ridicule us"

I feel like people have been doing this for a while... Exactly how many days are in "the last days"? If it's more than 50 years worth, I'm not really worried.

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And it begs the question: If

And it begs the question: If the Wholly Buybull is truth, then why is it so easily "mocked", and why are its followers so quick to lose their minds and go ballistic from victimless statements of fact like "Imaginary sky fairy", regardless of whether the statement is true or not?

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I don't understand this

I don't understand this either. According to Christians, the god of Abraham is more thin-skinned than the US President...

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Oddly enough, I launched the

Oddly enough, I launched the hypothesis in another thread, that the little gods of human mythologies are basically magic versions of Donald Trump in the sky. :)


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