400 Church Leaders Expected To Resign After Ashley Madison Hack

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400 Church Leaders Expected To Resign After Ashley Madison Hack

Sorry, couldn't help myself. Somebody want to explain to me again why these people should be sought for their expert knowledge on morality? The people I really wonder about are those trying to keep their marriage ticking over by seeking the advice of these people, only to find out that they have no moral compass of their own.


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It quite natural when some

It quite natural when some dirt is exposed to find the hypocrites dirt mixed with it.

All Christians are hypocrites with themselves and others, so it is quite expected.

It would have surprised me even more if if no christian was found to be a included.

Hypocrite= a guy that can't accept the fact that his belief is based on propaganda, bias and a the most unreliable book on earth that has the most forgeries, contradiction, lies and worst of all; EVIL actions and Immoral guidelines ever seen on earth.

Accept that your belief is based on those and you could convince me you are not a hypocrite.

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Can't we find some Imams and

Can't we find some Imams and Rabbis too, just to even things up?

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