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You must have lived in a

You must have lived in a desolated area to find "many pleasant people!!" Business trips, and vacations don't count!!

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I don't think Manhattan was

I don't think Manhattan was particularly desolated. I had a great time there and yes, I met many pleasant, courteous people.

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The philosophy I have about

The philosophy I have about Manhattan is don't visit often, when you do, do what you need to do, and...GET THE HELL OUT!!! Like I said, business trips, and vacations don't count...If you loved it so much, why didn't you stay???

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That's a long story. I'm

That's a long story. I'm sorry you don't like Manhattan, maybe you and Manhattan don't gel? You seem kind of angry about something?

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What I forgot to add about

What I forgot to add about Manhattan, is it's overpriced, overhyped, overcrowded, ( you can't even walk down the street without bumping someone) It's dirty, and it smells. There is a big difference when I visited other big cities...I've found them to be much cleaner, less crowded, and more affordable. Everything in Manhattan now has gotten so ridiculously expensive...totally geared toward the foreign tourists that come here with tons of money( thats another thing, you will pass by crowds of people, and very few are speaking English) It has become completely unaffordable for working families that live in the New York area to do anything. A night out on Manhattan will cost many middle class working people at least 2 weeks pay...for what?? You can get great shows, restaurants, and many other family activities in the suburbs( also without the expense of traveling to the city, which also cost a fortune) for half the money. Additionally, Manhattan has no "rules." Everyone can get away with doing just about whatever they want, at the expense of family friendly activities. Many other cities I've traveled to have "rules, " to keep the crazies under control. You can have Manhattan!!

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Reality You have an anger

Reality You have an anger problem... Prozac or lithium and years of psychological help is necessary. God Bless

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Reality-NUTmeg is an idiot

Reality-NUTmeg is an idiot and is not right about most things but he is right 'You seem kind of angry about something??? Go back and read your posts about all or any subjects. Pay particular attention to you CAPITAL LETTERS. Reality-you seem to be angry at EVERYTHING. Prozak, lithium and years of psychological therapy might help-but I doubt it.. God Bless

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Fuck off and never agree with

Fuck off and never agree with with me you fucking moron. Any comment I made was with him and not you. Go crawl back under your stone if you're capable, which I doubt.

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Public information announcement:
(by Pragmatic)
"blasphemy" is actually the infamous troll of the Atheist Republic forum.

Generally referred to as "Kenny", has been banned many times under different names.
Previously known aliases include: "Kenny Schweiger", "Kenny", "myself", "alleycat", "richardd", "Christopher", "marken", "punkin", "amber", "Simon", "fred,k".

Claims to be an atheist. But he has a fondness for using "sarcasm", even though no one ever gets his sarcasm and he has been told this many times, he keeps posting such deceiving comments.

He seems obsessed with religions, creationists and the stupidity of Fox News, Bill O'Reilly, Joel Osteen, Ted Cruz, Sean Hannity, Donald Trump, Vanna White, Sarah Palin, etc.

This announcement will be posted whenever he spams, agitates, confuses or flies of the handle.

Also, he finds these announcements 'boring'.


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