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Ancient Wisdom

Genuine SCIENTIFIC knowledge, derived from observation, and experimental research … goes back at least 20,000, possibly even 50,000 years. There are no Gods, but, during the epochs when most people believed there were, there were people around who, if they were alive today, would be candidates for Nobel prizes.

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You are an educated adult living in the 21st Century. Aren't you smarter than someone who lived 50,000 or 20,000 years ago?

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Whoever it was who first put

Whoever it was who first put together a bag with a handle to carry things. Probably a female.

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Science is an invention of

Science is an invention of the 16th century.

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We attained technological

We attained technological knowledge through trial and error. Technology is not science. We learn and pass technological knowledge along culturally, but still not science.

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Wouldn't you say the pace of

Wouldn't you say the pace of technological advance has increased exponentially thanks to modern science? I certainly would, though I agree they're not the same thing of course. Science is a method, technological advancement just benefits from that method.

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@Sheldon: Wouldn't you say

@Sheldon: Wouldn't you say the pace of technological advance has increased exponentially thanks to modern science?

Capitalism has also played a big role. If someone with a big new idea can convince investors to back it, they can develop it on an industrial scale by sharing the profits and risks. Imagine trying to get a king or a pope to finance the development of a new type of transportation or energy technology.

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The earth is flat, it has

The earth is flat, it has four corners and it is held up by four pillars - Exactly the reason we have 4 Gospels. Ancient Wisdom MY ASS!

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