An angel's voice heard in a sound recording?

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An angel's voice heard in a sound recording?

Hi guys,

It's me Seeker again. Well, ex-theists, especially the very serious and conservative ones like me, often tend to have many childhood events and stories impregnated inside their mind by their relatives or parents to strengthen their beliefs. These stories are all involving something supernatural in them. Here I am with a supposedly "true" event which freaked me out just 9 years ago. I know it's an old event but its age does not matter as long as I still remember the shit! I need an explanation to what happened back then.

All right so, my mother's father had died in a hospital and his body was brought to the family's main house where the entire family was present (5-4 more sisters of my mother, their husbands and their children). There were also two brothers of my mother one of which used to live upstairs and none of the kids were allowed upstairs because that brother had some issues (not mental but physical). He and his wife were extremely disliked by the family and were somewhat considered rude to my mother's father (especially the wife) when he was alive. That brother was also the most educated brother in the family and was hated because he married a girl without the consent of the parents and that girl was not nice to the grandmother and grandfather. It is believed that she also used to spit in grandfather's food before giving him to eat it. In addition, that brother was also the most learned in terms of English language. He had the most knowledge of English language in the family back then because he had a banker's job.

Now, the thing is, when the grandfather died, his body was brought to that family house for 1 day. Initially, my mother and my brother went there just the next day but I couldn't go due to school and my father was busy in his job. However, after around 9-10 days, we all went there to express our condolences.

There was this sister of my mother who got married the last. Her marriage was not going well and she got divorced after some years of grandfather's death. Her marriage happened just 3 months before the grandfather's death.

Now, here's the event (happened in 2009) which badly brainwashed my brain at that time. That mother's sister called me and my brother saying that she had recorded something unusual on the day on which the grandfather's body was present at the house. Now this recording, I believe, had been heard by everyone in the house before we arrived there and was considered something of a blessing that our grandfather was a great man (which he was but saying that this recording verified it caused me issues for the next 9 years). However, I was very young at that time (exactly 9 years old) and my memory also happened to be excellent. I'm not exactly sure if everyone else in the house heard it but my brother told me that all the husbands of my mom's sisters had collectively heard the recording in the lounge room.

So, mom's sister claims that she woke up early on the morning just before granddad's body was to be taken away for bath (well, I'm not sure if this is common for you guys but in islam they kinda give the dead bodies their last bath before burying them) and burial. It was very early in the morning and for particularly just for memory and to spot out something unusual (I guess?) she recorded some minutes of her time when she was near the dead body. She says she was alone there while everyone else was asleep in the house (it was a double-storey house and the entire family was present in the house for the cause of expressing condolences at that time).

However, next day when she hears the recording, there's a timeline in which a male voice can be heard. That's the recording which she showed us and pointed out the voice. When I first heard it as a 9 year old with an extremely bad English knowledge, this is what I heard:

"Vishu.............................. (a pause), vishu good morning"

Then I asked my brother when the recorded ended and the mom's sister was also sitting there that what is "vishu". He corrected me and said it's "wish you".

So, he says, it is: "Wish you..............., wish you good morning".

Now surprisingly, when the mom's sister says that this is an angel's voice because nobody else was present when she was around the body and recording,, I kinda whispered to my brother: "bro, but this voice sounds like Faisal maamu's voice!" But brother rejects and says that nobody was there at the time of recording so I agree.

Maamu = mother's sister is called a mamu in my language
Faisal = the name of my mother's brother who lived upstairs and no kid was allowed there

Now I perfectly remember hearing a voice in the recording but the question arises, where did that voice come from when everyone was sleeping and the lady was alone when she was recording around the dead body?

However, what surprises me is that this so called angel does not have good English skills because it is missing the article of "a" before the adjective "good" so the sentence is not grammatically perfect according to me.

Here's what surprises me the most as I look back to this event after 9 years:

1) Angels don't exist, so who spoke in the recording?
2) The voice sounded as if it was far away from the recording device but not too far. If I were to give an example, it would be as if a person is speaking in a normal volume to someone 7-8 ft away.
3) The voice didn't sound like an American, Australian or British voice, it sounded like a basic English accent but not a fucked up Indian or Pakistani accent
4) The greetings given in the recording are not grammatically perfect because of the missing article "a". I am a billion percent sure that what I heard was grammatically incorrect because I would've doubted myself if the sentence was spoken quickly but it wasn't. I can exactly duplicate its pace and record myself saying the same thing in the same voice (I don't know why, but I can make my voice slightly heavy and it will match the recording's voice perfectly).
5) Why is "Wish you" repeated twice as if someone is so sad you know and looks at a dead body and says, "Ah, wish you man, wish you a blessed morning." You know like someone sighing and then repeating his words again. But in the recording's case, the voice was utterly straight with absolutely no emotion. No sense of sighing or sadness was felt in it. Just straightly speaking "Wish you", a pause, and then, "wish you good morning".
6) Right after hearing it, I said to my brother "but this sounds like Faisal maamu's voice!". Haha, that must be awkward for whoever heard it. Just to remind you again, Faisal was the brother of mom living upstairs and upstairs was only his room. The stairs leading to the main room where the dead body was placed started from the main room. I don't remember if there was any kind of terrace to look down from the second storey but I just remember a stairs leading from the main room towards upstairs and then the rest of the rooms downstairs were surrounding the main room.
7) Why didn't the voice speak in my local language for fuck sake, why speak in English! English was VERY VERY rare in our household at that time and also at that time of the year in our country in general (2009).

So, any explanation? If nobody was awake except for the mom's sister who was recording, where did the voice come from? If somebody was awake, why did the mom's sister say that nobody else was there?

I cannot say that the sister was lying but I can surely buy any other logical explanation as long as it can make sense and solve the mystery.




Remember, the voice was not immediately heard in the original recording. It was around in the middle or at the end.



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Right off the bat I already

Right off the bat I already know it is bogus.

On Link Site: "me attempting to duplicate the voice."


Edit: I never listened to it.

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Can you explain how it is

Can you explain how it is bogus?

I tried to duplicate the voice because I thought you guys might wanna know what it sounded like 9 years ago. I obviously have nothing to do with this.

Please elaborate yourself.

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Can you explain how it is

By the way, what is "rmfr"?

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Seek3R: "Can you explain how

Seek3R: "Can you explain how it is bogus? Please elaborate yourself."

D-U-P-L-I-C-A-T-E-D. Not original.

Seek3R: "By the way, what is "rmfr"?"

Initials of my real name.


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Sorry, not to be rude or

Sorry, not to be rude or sound offensive but your answer still makes no sense. The point of the topic is to think of a logical explanation of the incident I've mentioned and not comment on a duplicated recording made by myself. The point of the recording (where I used my own voice) was to, once again, show what the voice actually sounded like. I don't understand why would you call the entire story bogus just because I posted myself saying the same thing as it was said 9 years ago?

There is obviously no access to the original sound recording. I bet my aunt even deleted it many years ago.

The point is to find out how a voice could be heard when no one was around and not judge the recording that I made myself.

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Sorry, not to be rude or

Sorry, not to be rude or sound offensive but your answer still makes no sense. The point of the topic is to think of a logical explanation of the incident I've mentioned and not comment on a duplicated recording made by myself. The point of the recording (where I used my own voice) was to, once again, show what the voice actually sounded like. I don't understand why would you call the entire story bogus just because I posted myself saying the same thing as it was said 9 years ago?

There is obviously no access to the original sound recording. I bet my aunt even deleted it many years ago.

The point is to find out how a voice could be heard when no one was around and not judge the recording that I made myself.

To also not be rude. Ever heard of objective hard empirical evidence?

Your evidence is subjective. It is also a personal experience. I have had several personal experiences where the evidence is entirely subjective and hearsay. And even to this day, I still have no explanation for some of them. For example...

I was once bicycling when I heard my wife's voice call out, "Richard!" At this time, my wife had been dead for 10 years. And this was ten years ago. This caused me to become more attentive of my surroundings and environment. If not, then I would have been hit by a car that ran a Stop sign further down the road. Where this occurred was during the "home stretch" of my bicycle ride. It was about a 4 kilometer stretch that had a slight down slope. As with any bicyclist, I geared my bicycle up and pushed it for everything I had. And usually during this "home stretch," I was not as attentive since I was "pushing" it. Thus, hearing my wife call out my name made me more attentive to avoid that collision that could have killed me. Or, at least, severely injured me.

That is the same thing as your story of this mystery voice. It is NOT objective hard empirical evidence. It is nothing but a story for a person to either accept as plausibly possible, or reject as bullshit. Me, I just accept my story above as a hallucination I suffered. A hallucination because whenever I go bicycling for exercise, I also daydream about when I used to bicycle with my wife and/or daughters. Daydreaming so hard I could actually visualize them with me in my mind.

You are expecting us to accept a duplicated sound recording made from an event that was what? 10 years? 15 years? 20 years? ago?

However, to comment directly. Are you sure what was heard was not due to a hallucination? Pareidolia?

Yes. I admit. It is a strange occurence. However, you making a duplicated recording of the sound just makes me see it as a bogus made-up story. I shall be the first to admit that your story is plausible. However, you should never make a duplicated recording about what you possibly heard. It is my skepticism that makes me not accept your duplicated sound recording. Not your story. As said, your story is plausible. The duplicated sound recording is not.

Just tell the story. Even I could make a sound recording of mine own voice and make it sound like my wife, then try to pawn it off as a duplication of what I heard. However, I would not even try to do that. I even have archived sound recordings I have done this with. However, I ain't even going to try and dig them out of the some 1000 DVDs of archived information I have.

I apologize if you find that rude, but it is not. It is simply my skepticism meter twitching like mad. If you found my response rude, then I apologize. I am sorry it was interpreted as being rude. I even neglected to follow a lesson I learned in a Language Comprehension course in college: It is not what you say or how you say it, but how it gets interpreted by the listener/reader. Sorry. I apologize.

I could also tell you the story of how I got struck by lightning while putting a tin roof on an out-building I was building once. However, without the photographs taken of the Lichtenstein-style lightning burns on my back, would you believe me?

Skepticism. It is what kept me from becoming a "blind faith" believer like the Religious Absolutists.


Edit: added two words for clarity

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The amount of information

The amount of information contained in the human voice is quite large. Collecting and storing that amount of information (in real time!) requires expensive hardware. So when amateurs record voices they typically use cheap equipment that attempts to approximate everything it collects with a small number of plain waves in the human voice range. This drastically reduces the amount of information that has to be stored, but it also causes you to hear human voice like sounds (that you did not hear with your ears while it was being recorded).

Cheap equipment also tends to have automatic volume levels (so it increases the sensitivity when it isn't receiving much sound). So it ends up amplifying something quiet, then (sloppily) transforming it into human speech.

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Your aunt was alone and in

Your aunt was alone and in the middle of the night (or very early morning) decided to make a recording?

Don't your alarm bells go off when you think about that?

Think, be skeptical and critical in your thinking. No one gets up at those hours and starts to make a recording without some agenda or plan.

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Umm, well yeah it is

Umm, well yeah it is suspicious but what if she was trying to make a video recording of the dead body? (I know it's actually a sound recording but she never showed me the front screen of the mobile. Perhaps it was a video recording? Does it still seem weird?)

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Once again, please think

Once again, please think critically and with a skeptical mind.

Have you ever gotten up in the middle of the night to make a video recording? Would it not seem a heck of a lot more logical that if one desired to make a video recording, they would do it in the daylight?

Next question .. has anyone attempted to duplicate it? Gather in the same place, at the same time of night, and confirm the sounds?

What is the opposite of gullible?

Astute, discerning, knowledgeable, perceptive, suspicious, unbelieving, untrusting, wise.

So which of these two categories do you wish to be known as? The gullible one or the knowledgeable, perceptive, and wise one?

Seek3R's picture
I want to be the

I want to be the knowledgeable and wise one. Well, I never doubted my family or our relatives. But it seems like if I look back in my past in terms of religion, I've only been disappointed and there is 0% truthfulness in anything I've ever been told which has anything to do with religion.

I tried to be skeptical and critical and rethought the incident. An isolated and hated son whose wife suspected of mixing her spits in the father-in-law's food, the son around whose room is nobody allowed and nobody ever goes upstairs due to the hatred in the hearts and an aunt making a recording of her dead father in the middle of the night, a recording which seems to have grammatically fucked up greetings and a voice which I, right after the first hearing, associated to the isolated son (my uncle) who lived upstairs.

Well, I wouldn't make a video of a dead body or a sound recording. If it was a video, why not show us the screen? Suspicious.
If it was a sound recording, why even record just the sound? Even more suspicious.

And yeah, if I wanna record something, I would do it in the daylight in the presence of everyone. Not interested to go near a dead body even if it is of a beloved one. And even if I do plan to go near it, I wouldn't insult it by making a recording of it. I find it extremely rude now to be recording a dead body. For fuck sake, leave someone in fucking peace, you already fucked their 70 years of life with bullshit religions and now even in the end you are waking up in the middle of night and attempting to forge an angel's voice. Just fuck this.

Yeah mate, seems like nobody can be trusted in the matters of religion. I find atheists to be more possessed of rationalism and logical thinking and surprisingly, more knowledge of religions, than theists.

Thank you David. You have immensely helped me in taking a first step towards the development of a skeptic brain regardless of who I am being skeptical of.

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You are welcome Seek3R.

You are welcome Seek3R.

I know of many people who are very nice, and do not carry any malice in their hearts, nor do they practice anything deceptive. But even honest people can make a mistake, or make an incorrect interpretation of an event.

No matter how we interpret this event, your aunt was searching for something. Even now she probably doesn't have a firm answer to what, but she was searching. And when you combine in the known factors, that she was obviously very emotionally distraught, she was alone in the middle of a night with a corpse, she may have heard something. But precisely what was it, if at all?

By the way things unfolded, I assume she also believed in ghosts.

My personal opinion is that we can never rule out ghosts. But since to date there is not one data point that supports ghosts, I find it incredibly hard to believe.

Millions and millions of people going about their lives, many now with cell phone cameras and video recorders, and not one video that offers any hard proof of ghosts.

Never close your mind off to any possibilities, but also never take anything for granted, always be skeptical and examine everything closely.

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You assume that my aunt

You assume that my aunt believed in ghosts? May I remind you that she's a conservative Muslim who has believes in devils, satan, satan's juniors (small devils) and almost every shit you can think of. This is common in every Muslim.

I, on the other hand, do not believe in any such thing.

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My hamster started talking to

My hamster started talking to me today and he told me there are no such things as angels. I recorded his message so you can hear it too. Hamsters never lie. God has imprinted TRUTH on their hearts.

David Killens's picture
Nothing more honest than a

Nothing more honest than a hamster.

Nyarlathotep's picture
Why would that hamster walk

Why would that hamster walk around on two legs unless it is a reincarnated human?!?!?!?!! That is proof of Hinduism right there! NO SKEPTIC CAN POSSIBLY EXPLAIN THAT!!!111!!1

Sheldon's picture
One more time as this lesson

One more time as this lesson doesn't seem to sink in. A claim requires objective evidence to support it as does a belief. Not believing a claim does not require any evidence, it carries no burden of proof. If the best you can say of this incident is that no one can explain it, then we're done. Anyone claiming a belief they hold is validated by the lack of a contrary explanation is using a common logical fallacy call argumentum ad ignorantiam. You can look up the definition for yourself. However for those who can't manage that here's a link to a simpler explanation...

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@ Seek3R

@ Seek3R

Another note. I suffer from what is called "hyper-acute hearing." Some people call it super-hearing. However, I prefer the more accurate term hyper-acute hearing. Of course, this is hearsay, but since it is an actual condition suffered by many others, it is also very plausible. There are many persons who suffer from hyper-acute senses. Sight tends to be the most common. Hearing is second. However, it is very rare for persons to have more than one hyper-acute sense, but they also exist. I knew one Marine who was also a sniper whose visual acuity was so hyper, he could read text at about 15 meters what a person with normal visual acuity had a hard time reading at only one meter.

I am always hearing sounds no one else can hear. Hell, I could hear ground tremors no one else could hear. A clear, cloudless day and I would sometimes hear what I would call a "peal of thunder" booming across the sky. And yet no one else could hear it. Thus, for the first 18 years of my life, I never said a word about it. It was not until I joined the US Navy and they pulled me from Boot Camp for a second hearing test that I discovered what that phenomenon was. Basically, my hearing range was actually about 220% that of normal human hearing range. Yes, I could hear dog whistles. And, yes, they are painful. I could also hear into the sub-sonic range. In other words, I was hearing the ground tremors that the eastern coastal United States suffers known as "Seneca Guns" (named after the same phenomenon that occurs around Seneca, New York). They are basically the tremors caused by the settling of the continental shelf on the coasts of the eastern US, further caused by plate tectonics. And those damned things drove me nuts for my whole life as I was living in southeastern North Carolina. Additionally, there is evidence of a possible subduction fault line beginning to form along the southeastern US (North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and northern Florida). However, it may another million years before it actually does form. If it forms.

Even in my old age, my hearing is still well beyond normal. I cannot hear dog whistles anymore (thank goodness) because it is the higher registries of sounds that are lost first as one ages. However, I can still hear noises no one else hears. My many decades of living have taught me to ignore them. Which presents another problem...

And the biggest problem persons with hyper-acute hearing suffer is that sounds actually sound much closer than they actually are. If I were standing beside a person with normal hearing, they could judge a sound, say someone clapping their hands, originating about 15 meters behind them. For me, the sound would seem to be only about 5 or 6 meters behind. I have had many times on a quiet street where I could hear someone walking behind me, and it sounds like they are on my ass, but when I turn around, they are actually a good 7 or 8 meters behind me. Freaky. And disconcerting. Sometimes disorienting.

Another problem is the pareidolic effect caused by the hyper-acute hearing. And I ain't going there. Just know it can drive a person wonko having such good hearing. Even as old as I am. And there are many other problems with hyper-acute hearing.

Just know sometimes I wished I were not so cursed.


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It is very easy to be spooked

It is very easy to be spooked by some eerie event and think it must be evidence of something otherworldly.

What exactly would it mean for a supernatural entity such as an angel to make itself observable in an event that must necessarily be natural (i.e. a phenomenon of our world)? It could never prove itself - at best, it can only be considered an unexplained event.

The most likely explanation is that the recording is fabricated. I'm rather perplexed that your aunt seems to have offered no explanation for why she was making a audio recording while she was alone with a corpse. Assuming she somehow had a valid explanation, then I can only conclude that she made an error with the attribution of the recording or that there was some fault with the equipment.

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Hello everybody,

Hello everybody,

I just want to express my utmost gratitude to everyone for helping me. And, I'll like to give some extra short responses below:

@arakish: na mate, I didn't find anything rude. Trust me, ever since I've become an atheist, I've become much more objective than anyone can imagine but it's also understandable for me to be a weak skeptical since its just been exactly 87 days since I became an atheist. Yes, I do keep in count the days passed. I can understand what you meant about the duplication of voice and your argument is perfectly logical and reasonable. Human mind is very weak at young age and easily controllable. I was once brainwashed by a local imam to believe that I could see a 1000 year old guy. For 2 years, I would talk to this guy and see him. Of course, at the age of 16, I came to my senses and realized I could neither hear, nor see anyone. I don't know what the fuck that asshole did with my brain, but he controlled it perfectly. He also used to say, this can only be done on people below that age of 12. I was 9. There were more kids like me who were under his control and would supposedly see this dead man. If I were to ever tell the full story about it, you guys would definitely laugh as I do today when I think back :)

@Nyar: that's extremely interesting what you mentioned about the details of a voice and how the quality of equipment can cause the picking up of things that were never originally heard. Thank you for that new knowledge!

@David: I owe you a lot buddy. I'm not saying that anyone else has helped me lesser here. But to be honest, I owe everybody a part of myself here. Had it not been for you guys, I would've killed myself long ago. I've never been skeptical about what family or relatives can do but I guess a little objectivity and rationalism won't hurt. Your post allowed me to be skeptical for the first time about my aunt. I always found her to be weird.

@Sapporo: you're right and even more right by the fact that every muslim has an extremely solid belief in supernatural entities. This element is a core part of their overall belief in god and his creation. The reason why my aunt never offered any explanation and neither did she expect anyone to ask any question is because muslims are raised up like this. Religion cannot be questioned. Supernatural events are hailed as a sign of god, unexplained events and miraculous incidents are viewed as the power of god. Strong thunderstorms are viewed as an anger of god and pleasant breeze of wind and rain when the weather is very hot is viewed as a mercy of god. This is Islam, the king of deceptions.


What have I concluded? Well, I'm calling the incident as a fabrication due to many reasons most of which are mentioned in your replies guys.

Thank you for your help!

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I'd add to your previous

I'd add to your previous thoughts:

If you thought you had an audio recording of a ghost/dead relative; would you delete it?

arakish's picture
Seek3R: "'s also

Seek3R: "'s also understandable for me to be a weak skeptical since its just been exactly 87 days since I became an atheist."

However, I still apologize. I was just disputing the recording. If I were to calculate... multiply this... by this... carry the... add this... Wow! 21,592 days I have been an atheist.

I guess I should take it easier on the new-borns... ;-)

Seek3R: "I don't know what the fuck that asshole did with my brain, but he controlled it perfectly."

Hey. I know. As education has evolved, so have the indoctrination brainwashing techniques utilized by the Religious Absolutists. Their key targets is to annihilate critical thinking, deductive reasoning, analytical thought, logical reasoning, skepticism, and to ingrain a militant defending of the "faith" to never question the beliefs system.

Seek3R: "...this can only be done on people below that age of 12. I was 9."

That is why they focus on children between the ages of 4 to 14. When the child is the most susceptible and most vulnerable to social condtioning.

Seek3R: "If I were to ever tell the full story about it, you guys would definitely laugh as I do today when I think back."

To get me to cave in, it took humiliation, ostracization, excommunication from two churches, physical abuse (legally called corporal punishment), and rape and molestation. After four years, I gave up and pretended to become a believer. Thus, I can kind of understand.

Hang in there in buddy. Although I may get a little rough around the edges like Cognostic, but I am here to help and support. That is the reason why Atheist Republic was created. And did you know the creator and founder of Atheist Republic is an ex-Iranian? Check it out here: The Foundaton of Atheist Republic.

Seek3R: "Thank you for your help!"

De nada. And sorry if I seemed a little rough.


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I heard a sound when I

I heard a sound when I flushed my toilet. Do you think I killed an invisible, non-corporal, omnipotent, omnipresent, magical water being? It sounded like Tin Man farting the world help as he spun around in a circle. Since no one can prove it was not am magical water being there can be no other logical explanation.

Tin-Man's picture
*door bursts open*....*walks

@Cog Re: "...sounded like Tin-Man farting help..."

*door bursts open*....*walks two steps into room*...*dripping wet*...*spattered with disgusting brown goop*.....*reeking of sewage*.... COG!!! You asshole!...."Hey, Tin-Man, check out my new Jacuzzi," you said. "Hop in and try it out," you said. Dammit, I'm such an idiot! Should have known something wasn't right when you walked over toward that valve lever and started snickering. Next thing I know, there's a huge SWOOSH of rushing water, and the whole world starts spinning out of control....*swatting away bothersome swarm of flies*.... Then I get sucked down into some violent vortex, and everything went black. A few minutes later I pop up in the middle of a holding tank at the sewage treatment plant. Had to walk six miles to get back here, because nobody would give me a ride.... for obvious reasons.....*tilting head left side down*....*tapping right side of head with heel of hand*... *smelly brown glob falls from left ear*.... Oh, that's so wrong....*shaking head sadly*.... Looks like I will be visiting my mechanic today....*addressing the forum*.... Uh, listen up, everybody! If you have received an invitation from Cog to go to his "Hot tub party", I strongly suggest you decline!.....*turns to walk out of room*... Where's my oil can?....

chimp3's picture
There is only one way that a

There is only one way that a human voice ends up on a recording.

Cognostic's picture
The problem is all inside

The problem is all inside your head she said to me
The answer is easy if you take it logically
I'd like to help you copy voices can't you see
There must be fifty ways to record your neighbor.

She said it's really not my habit to intrude
Furthermore, I hope my meaning won't be lost or misconstrued
But I'll repeat myself at the risk of being crude
There must be fifty ways to record your neighbor.
Fifty ways to record your neighbor

Stick a mic to your back, Jack
Hide it in your hand, Stan
Put it in a toy , Roy
Being sly is the key.

Hide it on a bus, Gus
You don't need to discuss much
Like afternoon tea, Lee
Get him talking free

She said it grieves me so to see you in such pain
I wish there was something I could do to get you recording once again
I said, "I appreciate that And would you please explain
About the fifty ways?"

She said, "Why don't we both
Just sleep on it tonight
And I believe in the morning
You'll begin to record all right"
And then she kissed me
And I realized she probably was right
There must be fifty ways
To record a neighbor.
Fifty ways to record a neighbor.

Stick a mic to your back, Jack
Hide it in your hand, Stan
Put it in a toy , Roy
Being sly is the key.

Hide it on a bus, Gus
You don't need to discuss much
Like afternoon tea, Lee
Get him talking free

Stick a mic to your back, Jack
Hide it in your hand, Stan
Put it in a toy , Roy
Being sly is the key.

Make a new plan, Stan
You don't need to be coy, Roy
Just listen to me

Hop on the bus, Gus
You don't need to discuss much
Like an afternoon tea, Lee
Just get him talking free

Tin-Man's picture
@Cog Re: 50 Ways

@Cog Re: 50 Ways

*slowly waving lit lighter over head*....That was groovy, man..... *clap-clap-clap-clap*....

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