Apparent Proof of the soul: updated link

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Apparent Proof of the soul: updated link

I found a new OBE which sounds very compelling. Apparently this man was able to identify targets during his OBE:

Do you believe this demonstrates souls? I am not saying I do, I just want your input. While if it were true it would sound compelling, I find it strange that they have not published it scientifically, and although they claim the experiment was double blind, we don't know what that means. We don't know which parameters were put in place during this supposed 10 year experiment.

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Same post same question...

Same post same question... you were kidding, right?

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just asking your views, if

just asking your views, if you agree/disagree and why

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You were serious??? Really?

You were serious??? Really? Out of body experiences need to be proven not asserted with some half assed research

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Really? Now you put a link to

Really? Now you put a link to an interview with a guy who says he leaves his body, Really??? C'mon!

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It should be pretty simple to

It should be pretty simple to setup an experiment to disprove this.

Kind of like when they solidly disproved people being able to "see halo's" on peoples heads. Researches gathered up everyone that said they could see a halo on someones head, had the person that could see, and the person that had a halo come in. Put a person behind a wall just an inch taller than the person with this supposed halo, then asked the person that claimed to see halo's to point where behind this short wall the person with the halo is, based on being able to see the "halo" above the wall.

Every single person that claimed to be able to see "halo's" miserably failed this test.

Could setup something similar for out of body experiences.

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