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Hi there got a question about giants has there actually been any archaeological finds of giant bones?

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No, no giant bones, other

No, no giant bones, other than dinosaurs and whales etc, I assume you mean human giant bones, which can be a product of a specific rare genetic and harmful condtion by the name of 'giantism' iirc but no giant bone discoveries except on bogus youtube clips trying to prove the veracity of the bible, which just happens to be as bogus as some youtube clips.

The guy on the left of the pic is a giant, he has serious health issues because of his size. Note his walking stick because he even had problems walking. No arse kicking warrior Goliaths here. Giantism is as harmful as the condition of his sidekick. These two guys were billed as the biggest and smallest humans at the time of the photo.


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You mean like this?

You mean like this?


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@ Spudnik

@ Spudnik

In general I tend to agree with Grinseed…..

But I did find this...…

"Skeletons of 5,000-year-old Chinese ‘giants’ discovered by archaeologists"

However this appears to be newspaper editors hyperbole.... for the actual article has this...….

"According to the measurements of bones in the graves at the site in Shandong province, a number of the people would have measured at 1.8m or taller, with one man estimated to have been 1.9m, Xinhua news agency reported.

Although not particularly unusual by 21st-century Western standards, it is thought their height would have seen them tower over many of their contemporaries."

So you see the term "giant" ,at least in this case ,is only valid in terms of geographic "norms".... these guys were bigger than the average of others in the area.

(I'll log out for now and await the arrival of the word "Nephilim"...….)

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Brontosaurus bones are giant

Brontosaurus bones are giant bones.

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There have been no finds of

There have been no finds of gigantic human remains. Personally I believe this is all an urban legend and wild stories created by theists who are inventing something just so it fits into their holy book. The holy book says they existed, therefore ....

But this planet is big place, it is remotely possible that we have not discovered them yet. But I balance that against the fact that historical figures of great accomplishments have prominent burial sites. Everyone knows where Elvis Presley is buried, Napoleon has a special tomb in Paris. The pharaohs have their pyramids and tombs. We know where the first Chinese emperor (Qin Shi Huang) is buried, although it is basically inaccessible because of mercury and the obvious reluctance of the authorities to dig that tomb. If there were giants they would earn and deserve special burial sites.

But there is zero evidence they existed.

The human being is built for a certain size range, If it is larger or smaller, severe health issues arise. What would hold up a large liver? Because it is located vertically, a monstrous liver would compress everything below it. How can a person's heart pump blood so far up into the head without special changes, as in the case of the giraffe? Anyone know of people with knee and hip problems? Imagine someone much larger.

The square-cube law indicates that if a person is twice as large, their mass could be four times as much. Sometimes bigger is not better.

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David Killens - The square

David Killens - The square-cube law indicates that if a person is twice as large, their mass could be four times as much.

To come full circle: Galileo's publication of the square cube law was blocked by the Inquisition. But I'm sure our resident Catholic apologists will have some excuse for this as well.

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This is probably off topic

This is probably off topic,but I can't resist. Have you read "Galileo's Daughter"? It is a book of the letters between daughter and father. Just thought you might be interested.

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There have obviously been

There have obviously been large bodies found. One can not conclude from this "A Race of Giants." Most reports are outright myth and easily debunked with a bit of skeptical thinking and some research. With that said, even if the race of humanoids were larger at one time in the ancient past, what bearing would that have on evolution? None at all. There were people who were larger. So what? There is no global conspiracy to hide anything at all archaeologists have discovered in their quest to understand human development.

Look at the coverage the tribe of Hobits have received. "a team of Australian and Indonesian scientists announced in Nature that they had discovered that a tribe of tiny humans, only about 3 ft. tall, did indeed live in the caves of Flores. Digging into the sediments on the floor of a cave called Liang Bua, the team found bones from seven individuals, including the nearly intact skeleton of an adult female they nicknamed the Hobbit."

Nothing covered up.... Just reporting of FACTS.,9171,749406,00.html

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No, but they did find bones

No, but they did find bones of a nine hundred year old man. They used the same method to age it as they do for trees. It was either Noah or Methusalah. Scientists working on it lean toward Noah as there was a distinct smell of salt in the bones.

The scientists speculate that they have not found giant human bones because of the prevalence of cannabalism at the time and these giants would have fed a large tribe for weeks, especially after converting much of the meat to jerky. The bones were likely given to their pet dinosaurs.

For more info on this, please contact Ken Hamm at the Creation Museum.

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You are a fountain of

You are a fountain of knowledge NS and a good source for belly laughs, thank you. LOL. Fortunately I no longer eat or drink at the keyboard.

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