Are Atheists ["Brights"] Guilty of Deicide?

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Are Atheists ["Brights"] Guilty of Deicide?

This Polish Nobility, Kazimierz Kyszczynski [C.E. 1634-1689], wrote the most famous Latin treatise, De non existentia Dei [C.E. 1674-1688] affirming the "non-existence" of a *god. This Mansucript was burnt, however, from his trial before the Sejm Court, certain passages have been preserved for the historical record. He was tortured, burnt and beheaded for his presumed "crime of Deicide". ["killing *god"]!



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Guilty by heresy, innocent by

Guilty by heresy, innocent by sanity.

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Pitar, Well stated! Brief &

Pitar, Well stated! Brief & to the point! Now, do you concur that atheists are guilty of the crime of deicide?


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He'd probably get similar

He'd probably get similar treatment in a lot of countries today. We still have a long way to go.

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Deicide is like blasphemy. No

Deicide is like blasphemy. No victim, no crime! This is the 21st century. Time for humanity to grow up!

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Deicide is an impossible

Deicide is an impossible crime. If god exists, presumably it is at least as invulnerable as Superman. If god doesn't exist, you can't kill it. So this is a rather unusual concept: an oxymoron within a single word.

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chimp3 and Algebe have

chimp3 and Algebe have already said all that needs to be said on this subject.

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