Are you a hypocrite too?

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Are you a hypocrite too?

One of the behaviors that I absolutely detest in politicians and demagogues of all stripes is hypocrisy. It really irks me. Introspection then leads me to ask, “So, am I a hypocrite?” Being totally honest, I have to admit, “Yes, I probably am.”

For example, this past summer I was hypercritical of Little Donny, soon to be our Twit(erer)-in-chief, following evidence of his mental and physical sexual assault on younger women. Then, a couple of weeks later as a volunteer, I physically assisted putting on a rally for Hillary Clinton where the main speaker was none other than her husband, Bill. O.K. that could be considered evidence of my hypocrisy.

However, I do consciously try to minimize my own hypocrisy. I’ve done a little searching and discovered some guidelines:

Here are the Section headers; each one is discussed more fully in the article.:

1. Ignore everyone and act only based on your own moral compass.
2. Avoid condemning others.
3. Identify context and how it changes the way you think.
4. Listen to your cognitive dissonance.
5. Reserve judgment until you’ve actually experienced something.
6. Practice integrity.
7. Never make promises.
8. Avoid positions of power. (The POTUS-elect could heed that one!)
9. Don’t trust your friends.

So, would any of you admit to little hypocrisy now and again?
What do you do to try to minimize/mitigate that behavior?

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"So, would any of you admit to little hypocrisy now and again?
What do you do to try to minimize/mitigate that behavior?"

Anyone who claims not to be a hyprocrite is simply proving the opposite. Life is too complex to avoid hyprocrisy. Life also has a way of shuffling you around into situations where you can become what you once despised.

So as a hyprocritical atheist, I try to follow the teaching of Jesus: Judge not lest ye be judged. Like his other supposed wisdom, it's probably something he picked up from older philosophies. But it's a good rule. When someone acts in a way that I consider immoral, I try to imagine the life events, fear, and weakness that led them into that situation. I can make allowances for most human weaknesses, but I have only contempt and condemnation for people who harm children.

As for Willy and Donny, I think Willy is the bigger hyprocrite. Donny has sinner written all over his face. You'll never hear him say "I did not have sexual relations with that woman." He's very WYSIWYG.

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