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Alchemy "It seems there true

Alchemy "It seems there true intelligence lowers"

Their...not there.

Alchemy "I know a actual rocket scientist who swears up and down he can not change a tire. Lol."

Yeah, I doubt that very much, and it's an actual not a actual, and it's tyre, not tire ffs, and you change the wheel, not the tyre. Jesus, your posts are making ferguson 1951 look like a brain surgeon.

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@Alchemy: Apologies Alchemy

@Alchemy: Apologies Alchemy. The dishonesty comment was not directed to you. I did not label my post. I have not understood a thing you have said and your English skills make your posts nearly impossible to work through. I have not taken the time to read them.

If you want to be taken seriously, it helps to write seriously.

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I'm always on a phone, and I

I'm always on a phone, and I write as quickly as I can, lol but the content I feel is what's of the importance.
I gave Sheldon the evidence of ranks of different forms of life.
Human being the highest ranked Life on Earth, knowing that these different ranks do indeed exist, that all life isn't simply the same, and taking into account us as humans, don't know all the answers, I can nearly say proves... The existence of a much Higher rank of life than us.

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I’m starting a new string on

I’m starting a new string on this subject. Please use it so we reduce the amount the OP is hijacked.

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If you can point me i n the

If you can point me i n the direction I can follow haha

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Alchemy "I gave Sheldon the

Alchemy "I gave Sheldon the evidence of ranks of different forms of life."

No he didn't, that's a lie, he simply made a string of unevidenced claims. Sadly he has no concept of what represents objective evidence. As we can see for the rest of that post he's a fantasist. Humans have existed for less than 200k years a minuscule time period on an evolutionary scale, to claim we rank higher than all other living things is asinine.

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Alchemy "Your another person

Alchemy "Your another person who had a problem understanding another comment I had wrote.
I'm telling ya boys I wld not admit that lol looks bad on you."

Oh ffs, another theist with arrogant intellectual pretentious who can't abbreviate you are, and who hilariously thinks the plural of body is body's (sic).

Give me strength.

"There is no evasion or dishonesty or BS in my comment friend, so Idk how you came up with those three observations, makes me think you just spurted out the first thing that came to your mind, instead of pondering and going into any type of deep thought about what was actually said."

There was nothing in the gibberish you posted to ponder, deep or otherwise, Cognostic came to precisely the same conclusion everyone else has, and we're trying not to be too cruel about it, but you're not making it easy.

"But besides that I realize most people here are just kids who have been highly educated, and not a crowd of highly intelligent individuals. That's not a offensive comment, it's just true by probability alone, most ppl are not highly intelligent bc it can't be taught."

That has to be a windup, doesn't it?

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Welcome back ʝօɦn 6lX ɮʀeeʐy.

Welcome back ʝօɦn 6lX ɮʀeeʐy. I know all about Seventh day Adventists, my balcony overlooks the Crawford Adventist Academy and their church.

I am awaiting your response to Sheldon's question.

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@ David Killens: WOW!


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Nice to see you back Breezy,

Nice to see you back Breezy,

Can an actual deductive logical arguement be made for the existence of a God?

Or are they all merely abductive or inductive?

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@ Breezy

@ Breezy

So, a Seventh, when is the world going to end this time?

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If I remember the history of

If I remember the history of the church correctly, it emerged after the Millerite movement fell apart. Perhaps analogous to the way chemistry has roots in alchemy, without being itself alchemy. As far as I'm aware, the SDA church has not set a date for the end of the world.

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@ Breezy

@ Breezy

the SDA church has not set a date for the end of the world.

They never gave the money back either.....But nice to know you literally believe "not dead, only sleeping"

Ellen White has a lot to answer for....

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The SDA view on death is one

The SDA view on death is one of the things I like most about this church, and which differentiate it from most other denominations. On the mind-body problem the church takes the position that we don't have souls separable from our biology. That the brain and the mind are in essence one thing, and the death of the person encompasses the death of everything. There is no disembodied soul that persists after death. Moreover the analogy of death as a dreamless sleep is something that touches at the very heart of consciousness, which is currently being studied by the cognitive science. Ellen White and most of these beliefs emerged in the early 1800's, before psychology took off in the Americas, and phrenology was how people studied the mind.

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Chemistry is based on

Chemistry is based on objective empirical evidence. Alchemy like all religions is hokum superstition.

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Distilling alcohol is

Distilling alcohol is considered alchemy brother.

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Alchemy "Distilling alcohol

Alchemy "Distilling alcohol is considered alchemy brother."

No it's not, it has a scientific definition in chemistry, (see link below), and do desist from calling me brother please, it's more than a little annoying.

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@Old Man Shouts! HA HA HA

@Old Man Shouts! HA HA HA HA. Wonderful question . I think it ends this Friday/ Party at Tin Man's house/ BUT DON'T FORGET TO HOLD BREEZY'S FEET TO THE FIRE ON THE ORIGINAL QUESTION asked by sheldon.

"What objective evidence do you have for your deity?" Either he has some or he does not. Do not allow him to shift topics./

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Most all the different

"So, a Seventh, when is the world going to end this time?"

@Old man shouts
Most all these different doctrines and teachings of the Bible are in some way or another doing things incorrectly.

There is only one Word, so why all these different doctrines, bc men are constantly led by other men, instead of The Word and The Most High.
Traditions over ride truth for most Christians sadly.

Only ones actually following what The Word says to do is the Messianic Jews and Messianic Gentiles.

Alot of people like Jahovas witnesses and alike, Even has a Anonomous Author to there translations of the Bible. Only 2 Bibles have the correct translations, and only One has the Correct translation and Names And Titles of The Most High and His only Begotten son and it's not availbe for sale in any Christian book stores oddly.

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What's your favorite pizza

What's your favorite pizza topping?

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Pineapple with mushroom.

Pineapple with mushroom.

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John! How the hell are ya?

John! How the hell are ya? Hey, throw in some ham and black olives with those mushrooms and pineapple and THEN you've got a proper pizza. Oh, and thin/crispy crust, of course.

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@ TM and Breezy

@ TM and Breezy

Anchovy, you have to have anchovy.....and chilli....

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@Old Man

@Old Man

Ya know, oddly enough, I do not recall that I have ever tried anchovies. Have to admit, though, I have always been curious. I hear they are VERY salty.

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@ Tin Man

@ Tin Man

An anchovy virgin? Where have been all your li....oh, wait....

Yes they are salty and fishy, I could use a simile here but it would undoubtedly get me banned for life. Laid carefully (or chopped up) on each pizza division before cooking they bring any mess of cheese, fungi and preserved meats to salty tangy beatitude.

*goes to kitchen to check on supplies, having unaccountable urge for pizza*
Me: "Darling, I'll make pizza for lunch, spinach and mushroom"
Darling: " Extra anchovies on mine please!"
Me: *thinks* Works every time....

They are the fishy equivalent of Vegemite, a little goes a long way, once tasted, addicted.....

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I am coming to your house to

I am coming to your house to watch MMA. I love anchovy on my pizza and can never find another human being with the same outstanding palate for fine pizza!

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@Breezy: Here we go again.

@Breezy: Here we go again. Let him shift topics and he is only too glad to respond to a post. BIG MISTAKE CHIMP 3. Allow breezy to slime away from a question and he will do it every time.

HEY BREEZY: You said to ask you a question. The question has been asked.

Yes or NO?

Do not let Breezy slime away.

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Let's see how many lies we

Breezy - I was accused of sockpuppet-ing a user by the name of ProgrammingGodJordan...

That is not what you were accused of; not a good start.

Breezy - Given that I've always followed the rules and the PGJ accusations were not substantiated...

You have broken the rules here, many times before you were banned; it seems you aren't really willing to acknowledge what you have done.

Breezy - Thus my best attempt at redemption, if our infallible Mods will grant mercy, is an "Ask Me Anything" thread.

How many accounts have you made on this site?

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Be careful, John.

Be careful, John.


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