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hey breeze. I see no line of

hey breeze. I see no line of logic that ends with a hands on type god as taught in religions. But I also don't see rejecting everything either.

What are some of the properties of your god?

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Howdy. Uh, just a little FYI, but dear ol' Breezy is no longer with us. His AR priveleges got revoked..... (again). Besides, even if he WAS still here, you shouldn't hold your breath waiting for a straight answer to any questions. He was like an Olympic-class dodgeball player... *chuckle*...

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The answer that’s the shortest is sometimes the best. I told Sheldon “No” because it’s true. And in that strait forward response I bypassed a lot of pointless arguments and things these folks have heard a thousand times over. So when I gave a short response, doesn’t mean it wasn’t a well thought out one.

Just read breezy was banned. Late reply


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