Atheism and tragedy

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Atheism and tragedy

I was recently in a motorcycle accident that took my ankle and foot. On top of the amputation I broke my femur in a few spots and cracked my knee cap. To get to my point though is at no point during any of this did I experience depression, sadness or anger. Despite most of my family hoping that I would finally find "God" in all of this my attitude pre accident and post were the same. I've yet to feel sorrow or anger. I trusted my medical staff and doctors to make the right calls and trusted their logic as well as my own. I'm curious if any of you guys have experienced anything like this. I know athiest come in all shapes and sizes and behavioral types. But I feel being an athiest and having logic is what got me through this.

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Similar accident, similar

Similar accident, similar result but my stuff stayed attached. No doctor sought or involved, though. I took care of it myself and it healed up after awhile. Another misadventure involving shrapnel invited itself upon my person but I got past it. Neither time did I have any thoughts conjuring up mythical characters.

I was present when each of my parents kicked it and had to shoo away the halo-hounds. Poor people really think they have something going on. I feel sorry for them these days.

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BTW, glad you came away alive

BTW, glad you came away alive. I hope you convalesce well and get you bipedal game on again soon. Thanks for sharing.

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Cancer...I found no need to

Cancer...I found no need to ask any mythical creatures for help as I has a fab set of medical peeps. Son was in a coma, no need for any gawds there either. Husband about two minutes away from dead from viral cardiomyopathy a year ago and he also got thru it because of medical science.

Medical science trumps myth worship every time.

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Very interesting question.

Very interesting question.

I haven't had any such major mishaps myself. I can only say that when my mother died a few years ago, I had no need for superstition. She died a bit ahead of time, and it was unexpected. I was very sad, where the worst part was for the fact that she would not get to watch my children grow up, and that they would not have her as a grandmother.

The fact that I didn't feel any need to deal with that mystical mumbo jumbo, made it feel a lot less distorted and confusing. There was no "purpose" or "reason" for her to die, it was just the unfolding of events in our lives.

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Thank you guys for sharing.

Thank you guys for sharing. Ita nice to know that I'm not alone in seeming odd to others. Being an athiest in the Bible Belt is a daunting task at times

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