Atheist? Explain to me where do you believe you can from? If the big

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@ Nyarlathotep Ahhh Thanks

@ Nyarlathotep Ahhh Thanks. My mistake, I thought I read it was a Newspaper Reporter. It was "1949 BBC radio broadcast by the astronomer Fred Hoyle." It was a pejorative term, like the word "Atheist" or "Yankee" that stuck because it was so easy to remember.

Hmmm. 1927 Georges Lemaître's comes out with his "Cosmic Egg Theory" and 22 years later it is called "Big Bang?" An English Translation in 1931. But Big Bang was coined in 1949. I have not found anything to contradict that so I have to accept it. Everything I have found supports it. Still, I distinctly remember reading a story about an interview with a newspaper man who coined the phrase "Big Bang" because Lemaitre's explanation was too difficult for the newspaper man to understand. I just remember reading that at some point. Or so I tell myself anyway,.... All the information I have found supports the Hoyle assertion. If I can find anything different I will post it. In the mean time.... Well, I guess I have to eat crow. Yummy!!!


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Well it isn't exactly the

Well it isn't exactly the same theory during that time period (it was being improved). It started with even earlier with Friedmann, then later Lemaitre, then Robertson and Walker; independently. It didn't become mainstream until much later (until the observational evidence started rolling in that supports it).


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