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@Old Man Re: "That Cog

@Old Man Re: "That Cog actually replaced that thing, wearing a pigs nose and peering through a jewellers loupe..."

Really? That again? Look, for the hundredth time, it was very, very COLD that day. And you KNOW how metal contracts when it gets cold! Sheesh! Oh, and seeing Cog wearing that ridiculous pig nose certainly didn't help matters any either. Hmph!... *folding arms across chest*...

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Thank you I'm truly touched..

Thank you I'm truly take it from here.

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Welcome back? again? Mike..

Welcome back? again? Mike...first time for me to say hello...anyone with a sense of humor and specialist knowledge is my sort of person...even Tin Man who has neither but, hey, he hangs around, and if you stamp on his toes he opens his mouth so the garbage gets disposed of nice an easy. Nice thing about it he craps ready wrapped tin foil its a quick clean up.

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Who touched you!!! Tin Man!

Who touched you!!! Tin Man! He has been warned! When you are around Tin Man keep a glass of water handy. Water will make him rust.

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and it will help my roots

and it will help my roots tremendously. always love good ole fashioned dihydrogen monoxide. especially with some Miracle Gro.

Now where is that next troublesome theist. I need some fertilizer.

O! Mike! and welcome to our little corner of godless heathenism. Quit hiding in my branches, makes it harder to see ya.


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@Arakish Re: "...especially

@Arakish Re: "...especially with some Miracle Gro."

Fertilizer from a theist.... Miracle Grow..... *snicker*.... *snicker-snicker*..... *cackle*.... *face turning bright red*...... Bwaaaaa-haaaa-haaaaa...!!!!

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@Cog Re: "Who touched you!!!

@Cog Re: "Who touched you!!! Tin Man!"

Hey, hey, hey.... Calm down already, okay. No reason to get all excited. This time I made sure he was sound asleep first.... *holding up a rag and a bottle of chloroform*...

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@ TM

@ TM

Is that what you did to Callout? He seems to be sleeping very soundly, or maybe when his assumptions about atheists as a group were proved in error he took off....

Shame really, he seemed a nice enough fellow....

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@Old Man Re: "Is that what

@Old Man Re: "Is that what you did to Callout?"

Of course not. I didn't have any chloroform then. CallOut was wide awake the whole time. In my defense, though, he did not say "no" or protest in any way.... Well, at least I'm pretty sure he didn't. The duct tape over his mouth made it difficult to understand whatever it was he was trying to say. And it's not my fault he could not figure out how to signal me with his hands tied behind his back.

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I like this corner but I'm

I like this corner but I'm afraid I not quite as smart as you folks and will need help keeping up. Thanks for the encouraging words.

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No one needs to be smart

No one needs to be smart around this lot. Just remember to admit your errors when you get caught with your foot in your mouth. The morons are the ones that keep trying to defend defeated positions or who simply will not admit when they are FLAT OUT WRONG. You gotta break a few omelets if you want to catch a worm.


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