An Atheist girl who raised as a Muslim

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An Atheist girl who raised as a Muslim

Hello everyone. First of all I'm sorry if I create this topic in the wrong page. I'm new.

I'm living in a country where I cannot say out loud that I'm an atheist. Our thoughts are not free here. I don't want to say what country is this for certain reasons. But I raised as a Muslim. When I'm 17, I find my way out of Islam. It is too hard not having anybody to talk about this. So I'm glad I'm here. This is my story:
Maybe you can read or share with other people. I can't use my own name in blog too, this is some foreign name. I wish I could've been somewhere else to talk about other people proudly if these. Peace.

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You are one of many in your

You are one of many in your situation that comes to this site. We all feel for you, but beyond emotional support and encouragement, we are limited in what we can do for you.
Confidentially I am in clandestine contact with a Shia Cleric in Iran that hides atheist, chistians, jews, and gays from the government at the risk of his own life. BTW there are many professional journalists in countries such as yours that are risking their lives every day. Be brave AND smart. No need to expose yourself to unnecessary risk.

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You are welcome here at

You are welcome here at Atheist Republic. I feel for you and for your difficult position, and I am glad that you have found people you can speak freely with. I was moved by your attached article, "losing my religion." I applaud your intellect, willingness to trust in reason instead of faith, and your bravery. Stay safe and don't take any chances that would expose you to danger, but join us when you can. I'd love to read your thoughts and input in the various topics we discuss.

I recommend that you post Atheist-only type messages in "The Hub" forum, which is below "The Debate" forum. This debate forum has both Atheists and some Theists in debates and discussions. The Hub forum is for Atheists to connect with other Atheists, and no Theists are allowed on that forum.

I'm rooting for you and hoping that all goes well.

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