Atheist Reasoning in Rejecting Christianity, and Subsequent Results

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@ BoB L

@ BoB L
Hi mate and welcome to our community. Dive right in, there are enough theists to go round this week...might have to ration them again next month...

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1). Too many inconsistencies.

1). Too many inconsistencies. The bible is a horribly written fantasy novel
2). I don't have a money tree in my back yard.

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Love it! Short, simple, and to the point!... *big grin*.... *thumbs up*....

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G'day Moxie, welcome to AR.

G'day Moxie, welcome to AR. It is my continuing interest in history in general, and history of the Abrahamic religions, and the history of how the bible was compiled, the compelling, exciting information provided by the sciences of physics, chemistry and biology, and personal search for meaning that began when I was about ten years old and included many years as a sincere christian, have all had a part in my not accepting either the god of the bible or gods in general.

I get up in the morning, because I am surrounded by people I love and care about and even those who annoy me, the interests I hold (see above - we live in an age where there has never been more information available for the common person at our fingertips than ever before, seems totally irrational to pass up on, or deny, all that knowledge about this life, for the sake of a myth), a desire to see what delights and challenges the day brings and what might be in the offering for the next.
I am alive in a real universe, its the only thing I can be sure about. Wouldn't be dead for quids.


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