Atheists! I might have proof Christianity is right!

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Well said, Twotif. Well said

Well said, Twotif. Well said.

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Mohamed ain't a god. Let me repeat this: MOHAMMED IS NOT A GOD.. So why do you think that Muslims would see Mohamed when they A: Die. B: have an NDE?

Jesus is allegedly a GOD, so of course, those who believe Christ=God will claim to see "him/it".

Mohammed is just the story teller and NOT DEFINED AS A GOD IN THE QUR'AN...

Has it sunk in yet?

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The reason why Christ appears

The reason why Christ appears in so many Christian NDE stories is that the world is awash with pictures of Jesus, so when someone says that name an image immediately springs to mind, usually a tall, blond, bearded Nordic-looking hippy in a bathrobe. You won't see pictures of Mohammed. Those that try to draw such pictures tend to have heir own NDEs (nasty death experiences). So nobody really has an image of Mohammed in their minds. And it's a human mind, not heaven, that produces NDEs.

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I died once. I didn't see

I died once. I didn't see anything. Is that because I don't believe in Jesus or because I had my eyes closed the whole time? The world will never know.


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