An atheists perspective on how the universe came from "nothing"

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@Whitefire Re: "AND don’t

@Whitefire Re: "AND don’t tell me that “Tinman” ran off with it!!!"

...*hurrying out door with new suitcase*... *calling back over shoulder*... Would really love to hang around to see the outcome of this, but I have a plane to catch heading to the Bahamas! Don't let Cog get away with his usual bullshit excuses! Toodles!... *quickly closing door*... *sprinting toward waiting limo*...

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@Whitefire13: My most

@Whitefire13: My most sincere apologies to the puppies of the world!

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@Cog ... I wasn’t after an

@Cog ... I wasn’t after an apology...I’m after my money from the sale of our offspring - geez

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@White: Come on. I told

@White: Come on. I told you that I had them ground up and served as hamburgers at Tin's last Eggnog party and how popular they were. You should be a proud mommy, bringing so much juicy joy to so many.

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Wow, just read the OP....

Wow, just read the OP.... what a load of crap.

I mean come on, from the very first point made where he's trying to make the claim that Krauss is a better quality of thinker based on one quote.

I would suggest the OP has never read much Dawkins and how he is very articulate and quite a word smith at times.

But irregardless, what Krauss knows about the universe, Dawkins knows about ethology or evolutionary biology.

So an utterly dog shit claim.

Then the rest just appears to be a shifting of the burden of proof...

And btw... Krauss's conjecture is based on mathematics, science and physics that is already known and he has extended upon it.

Theism has nothing, you just claim "oh that's god!" Whereis the causal link? Demonstrate one causal link.

This is bollock of the highest order.

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Randomherp1982 "This is

Randomherp1982 "This is bollock of the highest order."

That sums up nicely the ten pages of irrational vapid rhetoric that Apollo has subjected us to. How many times have we seen theists try to make the logically fallacious claim that not believing a claim carries a burden of proof? How many times have we then seen the same theists try to misrepresent atheism as a belief, claim or worldview? And of course my favourite, how many times have we seen the superstitious come here making grandiose claims for "evidence" that is never offered or demonstrated, but instead involves endless unevidenced assertion and logically fallacious arguments, only months later to lie that they have demonstrated the "evidence" but that it has been inexplicably rejected or ignored by atheists?

Just once it'd be cool if a theists opened their tedious verbiage with the very best most compelling reason for their belief, but hey, look at me trying to round the square peg of religion's superstitious claims yet again....

As per Cognostic's request I shall ask yet again how Apollo distinguishes between true and false claims if, as he insists, there is no such thing as objective evidence?

FYI please don't simply point the title of a school of philosophical thought that makes the same claim, explain how you justify this, offer something beyond god of the gaps and appeal to ignorance fallacies.

I'll not be holding my breath after ten fucking pages, that's for sure.

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Spot on sir,

Spot on sir,

It is staggering that in my entire time here, I have yet to see once decent arguement for a theistic world view.

It is always an argument where the science being used is entirely wrong or misunderstand, logical arguments (none of which are deductive), or the par for the course logically fallacious debates where appeal to authority, god o the gaps, shifting the burden of proof etc... are the dish of the day.

This is why I have zero respect theists in regards to their religion, i respect all people but they can take their beliefs and put them in a meat grinder.

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Is Apollo hoping a few weeks

Is Apollo hoping a few weeks of reticence will wave away the unanswered questions, so he can sneak back and go straight into repeat mode again....


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