Atheists, please define "proof"

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Atheists, please define "proof"

Atheists claim that there is no proof or evidence of God's existence. What evidence would you require as a condition for belief in God?

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Yada, you are erring the same

Yada, you are erring the same way you did the last time you asked a question on this forum. Go back and read what I said to you the last time.

You say, "Atheists claim...". All atheists? How do you come by this information?

You say, "...god's existence." Which god?

Note: If there were acceptable evidence for a god then no belief would be required. Asking what evidence would be required for belief is either really ignorant or really stupid.

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"Yada, you are erring the

"Yada, you are erring the same way you did the last time you asked a question on this forum."

No, I have not "erred" at all.

"How do you come by this information?"

I come by this information because the DEFINITION OF AN ATHEIST is "a person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of God or gods."

"You say, "...god's existence." Which god?"

You are the one identifying as an atheist. Which god/s do you lack belief in?

"If there were acceptable evidence for a god then no belief would be required. Asking what evidence would be required for belief is either really ignorant or really stupid."

Actually, it is your comment that is either really ignorant or really stupid. Belief is to have confidence that something is true, it is not, as implied by your post, a substitute for lack of acceptable evidence.


I have just read your other post. You wrote: "I'd further advise you to study some science. Since you do not even understand that the theory of evolution has nothing to do with abiogenesis, you've obviously a lot to learn"

Where on earth do you get the notion from that I "do not even understand that the theory of evolution has nothing to do with abiogenesis"?

What I wrote was: "The theory of Evolution does not explain the origin of life", which it doesn't.

Also, you are utterly wrong in claiming that "the theory of evolution has nothing to do with abiogenesis". Unless you concede the existence of God and subscribe to theistic evolution in order to explain the origin of life, abiogenesis must have originally occurred in order to commence the process of Evolution. In other words, abiogenesis is REQUIRED by evolution as the starting point.

Clearly, you fail at reading comprehension and lack even a basic understanding of science.

In future, I suggest that you read my posts carefully BEFORE typing your usual drivel. It will help you to look a lot less ignorant.

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Atheists, please define

Yada said:Atheists, please define "proof"

Theists, please define god.

Then I'll tell you what proof I'd need to accept the existence of whatever it is.

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No, YOU define God. You are

No, YOU define God. You are the one who identifies as atheist.

Do you not know what it is that you lack belief in?

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Yadayadayada: "Do you not

Yadayadayada: "Do you not know what it is that you lack belief in?"

There are millions of things that I don't believe in, such as the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, fairies, Superman.... Their defining characteristic for me is non-existence. The same applies to god.

Yadayadayadayada: "No, YOU define God. You are the one who identifies as atheist."

You're the one who cares. Frankly, Yadayadayada, I don't give a damn. I dare your god to strike me dead for saying that.

Nope. Still breathing. There's some more evidence for the non-existence of god.

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As an atheist, I do not

As an atheist, I do not accept [do not believe] any of the god claims I have heard. Does this help Yada??

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I'll play:

I'll play:
The repeatable, documented, spontaneous regrowth of amputated human limbs seemingly in response to a supernatural/religious ritual (like prayer or faith healing, etc) would certainly grab my attention.

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Yet another troll post by

Yet another troll post by Yadayadayada. Look Yada, believers make a claim for a god. It is up to the people that make such a claim to PROVE it. The preponderance of proof is that it is accurate, empirical, substantiated, and not hearsay. The evidence should be substantiated by independence means.
And for your information,....atheist don't make claims. We just don't believe YOUR claims. Therein lies the difference between reality and what you have said.
When you accuse "atheist" of anything, you must say which atheist, and exactly what they said or did. You just can't make a blanket statement and expect all of us to accept it.
I don't believe in the christian god. Which is to say that I don't accept claims made by christians that there is a god. There, I said it. Prove your god to me, one atheist, one statement that I don't accept YOUR christian god. That is specific enough. Now you can either PROVE your god to ME in particular, or you can continue calling people stupid and ignorant. My guess is that YOU will continue with insults rather than anything meaningful.

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Yadayadayada - it's actually

Yadayadayada - it's actually a good question in my view.

It's not clear to most of us that there is a God because there is no clear, repeatable physical evidence. To me, if there is a God, he/she is not active in our world. We have Free Will and God is not evident in our lives. I also happen to believe that we cannot disprove a divine supernatural being either - not yet. We are still learning. Having Faith is comforting, but not really convincing. Does it not make sense to look for clear evidence? Probably won't find it in my lifetime...but maybe one day.

Better to have faith in your fellow man and focus on the betterment of this lifetime. Don't believe everything you read (including me if you like!). Believe in yourself, help your family and community. This is real spiritual work.

To everyone else - does not Dogma go both ways? Can we be so certain their is no God? (put aside organized religion - which I think we can all agree is folklore...)

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Curious Stosh

Curious Stosh

"To everyone else - does not Dogma go both ways? Can we be so certain their is no God? "

That's all very well, but there's an infinity of things that might exist but most likely don't. Are we supposed to find them all not guilty of non-existence until proven otherwise? Life's too short to be proving the non-existence of Superman, Tinkerbell, Mickey Mouse, Santa Clause, Jehovah, Aphrodite, the Easter Bunny, etc. Theists seem to think it's important that everyone accepts the existence of their particular sky fairy. If so, let them provide some evidence. They should put up or shut up.

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When the evidence for your idea of God becomes stronger than the evidence for the well tested principles of nature, then I will believe. Start by showing that your god can go faster than the speed of light and violate the conservation of energy law. See my thread "Science Gives God The Bump!" (08/07/2016 18:47).

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I do not demand evidence for

I do not demand evidence for god. No christian or Muslim has ever convinced me of their god's existence.

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hia, I was once a practicing

hia, I was once a practicing Christian, and I just recently left the church. I read people like john loftus and other non theist and they quite convinced me. Even though I don`t consider myself an atheist yet I am a non believer in the Christian god.Just read Bertrand Russell and what he has to say about jesus imperfections especially the chapter on morality. Just expose to reading material try to get AND PLAY THE DEVILS ADVOCATE you will learn and be better prepared to answer questions on this or any other forum. I will answer your question though the god of Christianity is built on faith theres no concrete way to prove it self. the bible is not divine as apologist like to say, But was written by mistaken man. jesus morality is questionable,. And I could go on and on.Why all the different bibles with different denominations? the current teaching today is chaotic. I saw no difference between the world and the professing Christians.Every thing is money these days, the word of faith movement the prosperity gospel, gay sex being condoned in certain denominations, Television evangelist, abusive priest in the roman catholic church. Yes I think with all these flaws, if Jesus came back today he wouldn`t recognize his church.

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@simply agnostic

@simply agnostic
You are a fucking liar!
You aren't an atheist or an agnostic. You are a lying asshole that poses as one thing then proselytizes.
You have a severe identity crises, are completely unhinged, and are without a doubt, the most complete idiot that visits this forum.
How many monikers have you assumed since you have been here? How many status changes have you made in that time? How many different ideologies have you claimed to follow in that time? All the while you have been constant in lying and proselytizing. I know it is not politically correct, but YOU are a fucking retard!

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Proof as in evidence for the

Proof as in evidence for the claim that you have just made. The burden of proof is on you not me. I do not need to prove a negative. I am an Atheist I lack god belief it is that simple. Telling us about feeling and emotions and the holy spirit is not evidence. Nor is the bible. It is mans interpretation of a bronze aged myth. Not one story in it is written from the stand point of someone who was there but it is a poor attempt at a history book for Christianity.

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'Yadayadayada" ......

'Yadayadayada" ......

I'd like to draw your attention to a couple of things.....

then there is this ......

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Now ...Yada .....I wonder do you have any justification for your behaviour..?

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Hhhm. Can anyone really

Hhhm. Can anyone really prove that there aren't invisible ghost bananas flying through the air all around us? Not really. But if I gathered a group together to make that claim, the burden would certainly be on me to prove it, not the other way around. Imagine me or anyone demanding that this forum present evidence proving that invisible ghost bananas dont exist. It would remarkable level of absurd arrogance.

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