Atheists!! WHAT IF......we ALL had absolute freedom?

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I don't know about that Jeff,

I don't know about that Jeff, but thanks.

Yes, that video is really telling. (Thanks again to ImFree for sharing it.)

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You said that you gave us

You said that you gave us your two cents.
I think you overvalued your opinion.

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If we have absolute freedom

If we have absolute freedom in expressing ourselves without harming anybody, earth will be a more peaceful planet to live in.

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Humans need structure. It's

Humans need structure. It's something that happens throughout nature, a hierarchy forms. And the more respected you are in the communities that will invariably form, the more control over others you have. Absolute freedom is a joke, humans strive for society, and thus strive for structure.

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Absolute freedom is the

Absolute freedom is the natural state, most commonly thought of as anarchy. However, people exchange certain freedoms to protect those they deem more valuable. For example, in order for property laws to exist, we have to give up our right to take anything we want. Now we have to make, earn, or trade for personal property.

Most societies are set up on some set of similiar morals or laws or whatever have you. Some laws more strict than others. But whatever, the point being that people created governments. And before democratic governments we (as in the world) had other forms of government including several forms of Oligarchies, such as Military Juntas (several military leaders in charge), Theocracies (religious leaders in charge), Dictatorships... the list goes on... however, no matter where the moral code comes from, or for what reason it is being followed, or any myths surrounding it's origin, you can bet your ass it originated from and was written by humans. Some nations and people are just more up front and honest about the origins of their moral codes.


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