Attacks on secular education

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Attacks on secular education

I am currently trying to write a piece on the GND Trilogy and Matter of Faith films and how they attack secular education. I hate those films and I am looking for anything that will support my argument. I am already aware of how they vilify atheists and non-Christians, I am merely wanting to point out how invalid the arguments of films are when it comes to secular education. Any information on these "films" and others like it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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@Palladin ......

@Palladin ......

As I understand it the Matter of Faith is trying to push a "young earth creation" line....... so little if any problem there....... especially as it is also recommended by the likes of Ken Ham and Ray (Mr Banana) Comfort......

Check out this link :

Its for a Christian website....but not as you'd think .... give it a read....
if only to prove that not all Christians are rabid.

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A cornered animal will fight

A cornered animal will fight ferociously to defend itself. This parallel also applies to theists. As they begin to understand that their position becomes more and more tenuous as communications and education erode the foundation of their faith, they will fight back with any means possible. The greater the threat, the more ferocious the defense.

And since religion is constructed on lies and bullshit, we will see more lies and bullshit from those defending their faith. We already see that in such people like Ken Ham, who has gone extreme in his quest to defend his beliefs.

So they get more desperate, and that is reflected in such movies.

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This is the report you are

This is the report you are looking for. I personally do not believe a word of it. I graduated from a very affluent elementary school, middle school and high school, and then I failed out of university because I could not read or write. It took two years of learning to actually study at a JC before I went on to earn my various degrees. Modern American education is not concerned with education at all.

The American education system is more concerned with keeping a student in a seat so that they can earn their federal funding. Classes are dummied down to keep participation up. America is 29th in the world in education and this should be an abomination to any tax payer. Public schools are a joke and the Government refuses to assist. Top that with the liberal ideology that everyone gets a trophy for their participation and don't pick on the fuckups in class (or force them to do the damn work) and now neither the teachers, parents, or schools are actually held responsible for educating the youth. I would put my kid in a private school in an instant just to avoid all the crap that goes on in public schools.

With that said - You want the official government line of BS - How wonderful our schools system is, and it is only a few bad apples ruining the system. Here you go.....

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My stepdaughter graduated

My stepdaughter graduated high school back in 2013. She graduated with an "Advanced Diploma". She has to use the calculator on her phone to simply total the score on a Yatzee score card. Also, her reading comprehension skills are.... well.... let's just say they are below standard. (She refuses to read books.) She actually had to look up the word "narcissist" the other day when my wife used it to explain something to her. Keep in mind, she received an ADVANCED diploma, graduating in the "top of her class." She freely admits she and other students passed most of their tests in school by looking up the answers on their phones. THIS is what passes for education today?

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I see the same thing. I

I see the same thing. I play darts over here in Korea. I play by the local Air Base in Osan (Songtan). You have to have a HS diploma to get into the military. I would say about half the people I meet can not play the game of 501 because they can not do the subtraction. (You begin with 501 points and subtract your score each turn.) The other big collection of people over here are expat English Teachers. They fare no better.

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My kids went to public

My kids went to public schools. They got a good education. Perhaps it’s unusual though. Three of the high schools in our city are rated in the top ten in the U.S.

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It's interesting to see how

It's interesting to see how certain groups try to manipulate the educational system to their advantage and how this affects the secular principles of education. I agree with your argument that the purpose of education should not be to indoctrinate students with a particular ideology or belief system but rather to encourage critical thinking and rational inquiry. Students should be noted for their academic standings and how their operate with educational materials and nothing else. For the help with academic assignments I can recommend you ti visit site -

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