Being a Christian is not that hard.

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It is easy to be a christian.

It is easy to be a christian. All you need to do is to believe the craziest things without proof and without any good evidence.

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I'll be back to answer more

I'll be back to answer more questions. I gotta go right now

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Zombocalypse - 200 years

Zombocalypse - 200 years after Daniel, we have Alexander the [Great]. And the rest is history.

Uh, the book of Daniel was written after the life of Alexander the Great, not before.

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I just can't shake the

I just can't shake the feeling that you, zombo, do not believe a word you are saying.

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@ Cyber....

@ Cyber....

I think I agree with you.... he purports to be Christian ..... a young earth creationist..... who does not know which bible he uses....

Prays to Yahweh /Jehovah ...but is not sure if they are the same..... and no mention of Jesus...

I'm thinking Poe....

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My money is on another young

My money is on yet another young teenager, who just haven't accumulated the knowledge yet to make any kind of informed conclusions.

@ zombocalypse
My advice: Take the time you need to make informed conclusions, read, listen, learn and be honest to yourself, even if the answer isn't what you wanted to hear.

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Holy shit! I knew it. # days

Holy shit! I knew it. # days exactly. This nirod said he would provide testable evidence, his words not mine. And bupkis, nada, zip, zero. not a damn bit of proof. I said in another thread that these goofballs come on here and state that they will prove that there is a god, and all they bring is hearsay, personal testimony, and biblical scripture. They are SO fucking confident that we will accept that bullshit. So it has been 3 days (another prediction of mine and this asshole says stuff like "he was an atheist and he sold his soul to the devil" didn't that set off any alarms. name one fucking atheist that believes in the devil. Anyway, he supposedly had a dream that some ancient goblin or something to that effect to him to hell and it scared the shit out of him, all of a sudden he is a christian. he doesn't know shit about christianity. No one can confirm his fucked up dream (isn't that convenient?), and he thinks he has proved his god. His mom is supposed to be a genius because her IQ is 140. Of course, we can't test her, but what the hell we are supposed to just take that as proof that we should all be christians.
Well, I have been in hell. It's called combat. I have been an active member of MENZA since I was 16.
I can testify that I had a dream and in that dream, it was revealed to me that you are a flake and an asshole. I promised CybrLN that I would tone it down, but this jerk is beyond the pale.
Either produce something real or shut the fuck up. There is no god, never was a god, never will be a god. The bible is a pack of lies. You are a fucking liar and an idiot.

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I'm guessing that this is

I'm guessing that this is Friedmanite playing games again. Not even a fundamentalist young earth creationist could be this stupid.

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"1. Please give me examples

"1. Please give me examples of things that make no sense in the Bible."

Immaculate conceptions, walking on water, resurrections, parting of massive bodies of water, global floods, gospels that disagree on many details of the stories, people being turned into pillars of salt, the idea of atonement, etc...

"2. Aside from claimed miracles and the historicity of the Bible, there really are no proofs of His existence other than the super obvious ones, such as the fact that we exist at all."

Which isn't proof that God exists any more than it is proof that Poseidon exists. Since you haven't actually demonstrated the existence of the being you are trying to convince us of, you are simply plugging "God" into the gaps in human knowledge, thinking it solves the problem. But it doesn't solve the problem any more than any other bogus, magical being I could make up. To get a really good idea of where we're coming from, try convincing yourself that Poseidon exists. Or better yet, talk to someone who truly believes in Poseidon. They will use the same types of arguments you are using for your God. See how well the same type of bogus argumentation convinces you and you'll see exactly why your own God is every bit as bogus of a concept.

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Zombocalypse, can you please

Zombocalypse, can you please do the last part of "your plan" you claim to have? This is just wasting everybody's time at this point.

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@ Zombocalypse

@ Zombocalypse

Just as some others here, I suspect that you are somehow being disingenuous. But on the off chance that you're not...


You dismiss evolution and say it is false, while admitting that you know almost nothing about it. This suggests that you base your beliefs about evolution on something completely different than knowledge about the subject, and that will obviously lead to a very uninformed conclusion.

Evolution has a vast range of supporting evidence: The fossil record, Geology, Radiometric dating, Embryology, Comparative anatomy, DNA comparison. These different areas intersect and verify each other like a gigantic web of supporting evidence.
And on top of that, evolution can be directly observed, and not only in laboratories and microscopic life forms, but it has been observed in the wild, on for example butterflies and lizards.

You also used the cliché argument "it's​ only a theory". Using this argument only reveals the all too common lack of knowledge about the difference between the common use of the word "theory" and what a "scientific theory" is. I wrote a post a while back trying to collect some short explanations for some of the usually misunderstood terms:

Belief in a god

While dismissing evolution based on lack of knowledge about it, you simultaneously assert the truth of your god belief, even though you don't even know what Bible you are reading.
This shows​ what is called "confirmation bias", where one seeks out only the bits and pieces that will confirm an already held belief.

Do you think that faith is a reliable way to find out the truth?

If you are basing your faith on the Bible, you should also care about its authenticity and whether or not it is true. Read about its origins, its history, it's compilation and its translations. Compare it to other religious scriptures, then make your conclusions about it.

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To Zombo: Instead of your

To Zombo: Instead of your current strategy, why don't you just pray that we will believe you. Perhaps that will do the trick.

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Still waiting for your testable evidence of your god. My guess is you have no evidence outside of your bible saying that a god exist.

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@Zombocalypse: I cannot speak

@Zombocalypse: I cannot speak for anyone, but, in my case, I first realized that god didn't exist and, as a result, that religion was useless. If I remember correctly, Christianity was a religion until the other day, I don't know if the thing will have changed lately, but if it isn't so then religion is still the same stupid useless thing.

Just to make two things clear:
First, Teresa de Avila and San Juan de la Cruz never rejected Catholic worship; indeed, Teresa of Avila was canonized forty years after her death, is known as St. Teresa of Jesus, and was the founder of the Carmelite barefoot, branch of the Order of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (or Carmelites); and Friar Juan de Yepes Álvarez, known as San Juan de la Cruz, was canonized by Benedict XIII in 1726 and declared Doctor of the Catholic Church by Pius XI on August 24, 1926. In the case of San Juan de la Cruz it's certain that he had encounters with the curia, but because he had the position of reformer of the Order of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and Prior of Granada's Martyrs -his job was that, to disagree.
And second, I'm really sorry... well, not really. No, you haven't found god working anywhere in your life, or in other place, because god doesn't exist.. oh, not only yours, any.

Personally I don't usually criticize religion, as I don't criticize stupid and useless things, like the empty bottle of a stale wine, as much I think about recycling. I criticize those who believe that need religion, those who take advantage of those who believe need religion and the outcast bastards who sell to the world that god exists to live of those who believe need the religion.

About your proposition... Are you seriously going to try to sell us that if we pray for anything, god will grant us? Do you think parents who had children under the rubble after the 2010 Haiti earthquake didn't pray for their lives? Do you know how many children died in the 2010 Haiti earthquake? Do you think parents whose children disappeared under the waves in the Indonesian tsunami didn't pray for them to appear alive? Do you know how many children died in the Indonesian tsunami? Or are you selling us that they prayed little, or that they prayed to the wrong gods, or that they were bad people, or that their skin color was not fit for god?

Ah, and of course, if you want to love your neighbors you don't need to love Sauron before, buy a box of condoms and go.

Don't waste my time, preacher, If you have any proof about god exists, expose, otherwise your statement is the same as that of someone wearing Conan talking about Crom... or someone in the office of a psychiatrist who claims to have seen Batman... and if, when reading this, you think "Batman doesn't exist", yes, exactly, that's the point.

lol John, lol.


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