Belle Plaine (MN) Leaders May Shut Down “Free Speech Zone”

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Belle Plaine (MN) Leaders May Shut Down “Free Speech Zone”

The city of Belle Plains,MN shut down a free speak zone when Satanist wanted to put in a veteran monument.

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of course they wanted to shut

of course they wanted to shut it down. theists are intolerant

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"Black steel rectangle...

"Black steel rectangle....with inverted pentagrams...on four sides...inverted soldgier's helmet..."

A limited intellect can either be addressed, corrected and overcome with education, or left alone to die a natural death. Evidently, Belle Plaine, Minnesota, is a good place for it to do the latter.

The soldier/christian symbolism meme is older than dirt. The early crusades saw the cross emblazoned on personal armor, battle flags and in soldier's prayers published by the oh-so concerned chaplain corps. The early Jerusalem Cross and later Christian Cross were carried by virtually every soldier in every Christian conquest. It follows that the practice is still strong in the military and the chaplain corps ensures that it stays that way.

The soldier in Belle Plaine is simply more of the same and certain people see it no differently than others see US Civil War Confederacy monuments. Nancy-sensitive people do what they do and eradicating overt symbolism is not going to toughen them up or erase the past.

Stupid people will be stupid.

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They think free speech is

They think free speech is only for them.

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