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I already posted it once for

I already posted it once for you, but, I'll do it again.

A Story of My Visit With “God”

There was once I thought I had died. At least I think I did. I can remember this horrible screaming and a tumbling, then all goes black. After who can know how long, a light appeared. Funny, I thought to myself, this is familiar. Then the light appeared to move closer. As it came closer, or I was moving towards it, it seemed to be coming from the far off opening of a tunnel. Curious, I began moving towards that light. Then it dawned on me why this seemed so familiar. It looks exactly like all those Near Death Experience (NDE) stories I have heard and read about.

Wow, am I dead? I thought.

As I was approaching the light, I could see what appeared to be three persons moving about in the light. However, the shapes were exceptionally vague. As if they were not completely coherent. As if not fully formed.

At this time I am thinking to myself, What the hell is going on? Am I hallucinating? Am I dreaming? I use the standard idiot test of pinching myself, already knowing this ain’t gonna prove anything. But I do it anyway.

Finally, I arrive and enter into the light. Whoa, I think. That was a trip. I can now see clearly as if it were nothing more than a clear, sunny day. However, there is no sun, just light. It is as if I am floating, suspended. Yet, I can move wherever I wish just by thinking about it.

Once I am into the light, I look. I am dumbfounded. There in front of me are my wife and twin daughters. What the hell…, I think.

“Sweetheart,” my wife says as she closes for a hug. “Dad,” my daughters say as they do the same. I almost succumb to the group hug and give in to the all too real emotions. However, being the onerous skeptic I have always been, I snap out of it. I release them and look deeply at them.

Where are we?” I ask.

Sweetheart,” my wife says and places a gentle hand at my ear. “This is the Precipice.

Precipice?” I ask.

Yes, this is the Precipice before one enters into the Presence of God. What most people call Heaven.

I am dumbfounded. Why am I here? I think. I have never believed in any of this.

“How…,” I begin to ask, but she moves her hand to still my lips.

Yes. We were all atheist in that life. It seems it actually matters not whether we believe or not in that life, but what we believe. Once the corporeal existence is over, we all come to the Precipice first. Then we enter into the Presence of God before coming to the Throne of Judgment.

I still don’t understand,” I say.

Come. You shall.

We then move deeper into the light. As we are moving, I can feel this complete awe, a something, a presence washing through me. It is almost as if I am now coming truly alive for the very first time. It almost feels as if I am being imbued with such power that only God should possess.

Then we come to a throne so huge it seems as if it could span complete continents, if it were on the Earth. And upon that Throne…

Welcome,” an all immense voice says, coming from everywhere, yet also seeming to come from nowhere.

Whom may you be?” I ask.

I AM THAT I AM,” the Presence says.

Great, ask a stupid question…

Why am I here? I have never believed in any of this,” and I spread my arms to encompass all.

You are here because this is where all living things come after their corporeal life has ended,” the Presence says. “They all come here regardless.

After a pause of some time, “And…” I say.

And I am the Crux of All. I am that which Brings Balance to That Which Exists. I am the Center of All Things. I am the Creator of The First Universe.

But I have never believed in anything like your existence,” I say.

Of that I already know. And I now ask, why did you choose not to believe?

Lack of evidence. Virtually everything the Absolutists say about you is immoral and preposterous,” I say. Then continuing, “Besides, have you read those books they have about you?

What books?” the Presence asks, almost as if it already knows the answer.

One is called the Bible. Then there is the Qu’ran, the Torah, the Talmud, the Bhagavad Gita, and there are probably hundreds of others.

Ah, you mean the collections of horror stories written by frightened primitive humans. Yes, I know of those books. I had nothing to do with what is written inside any of them. You see, they have it all wrong. All I have done is to create the structure of the Multiverse to hold all the universes within, of which they are infinite. I only sit at the Crux of All the Universes. I only created the First Universe, from whence you have come. After creating the First Universe, I left it alone. I let it become whatsoever it may. After the creation, I have had nothing to do with the First Universe.

In other words, you left it to the Theory of Evolution,” I said.

Yes. That is an apt description, albeit, ultimately incorrect,” the Presence replied. For some reason, it almost feels as if the Presence smiles, knowing who I am more so than I know myself.

One thing you must understand is that an entity such as I that possesses the Ultimate Power of Creation also possesses the Ultimate Power of Destruction and can do nothing with his creation once created, except to destroy it. Essentially, there are only two things an entity such as myself can do: Create, or Destroy. I cannot nurture, I cannot aid, I cannot prohibit, I cannot interfere with that which I may create. If I were to reach into my creation to do anything, then my own Ultimate Power would utterly destroy that creation. If I so desire, I could send others back, such as yourself, since you now possess that Power, but of a much lesser degree, and you could do things within my creation. You could eventually bring about its utter destruction if you so wish. But even that would require much work and expenditure of your Power.

And once there, to them, you would seem to be an angel. A being of mighty power.

Have you sent others back?” I ask, interrupting.

No. Once all those whom have found the truth about the Ethereal Existence of Eternity, all have chosen to exist within their own realm. Their own universe.

Thus, the reason why there never has been any evidence. I can understand that. If I am given the Power and opportunity to spend this Ethereal Existence of Eternity with my family wherever I may wish, I would not want to return to that shit-hole for any reason.

And we had to come here from ours in order to be with you,” my wife says.

Yeah, it was kind of growing dull being with the Simulacrum of you we had created. We wanted the Real You,” my daughters added in stereo as was their wont.

Exactly. Ultimately, those, like you and your family, always show themselves to be worthy of this Power. It is persons such as yourself who choose not to believe in power, who choose not to seek for power, who choose not to possess power, ultimately prove to be the most worthy of the Power itself. Such are those who would actually not use the Power except to create their universe of existence in which to spend Eternity.

But what about this Satan being all those Absolutists are always eluding to?” I ask.

A fantasy. A personification for them to use to convince others they need to be controlled without actually saying they need to be controlled. And before you ask… Yes, ALL things come from me when I created the First Universe. Good, Evil, Love, Hate, Light, Darkness. Everything. For you must also understand that not even Nothing itself can exist unless its equal, yet opposite, counterpart also exists. And, yes, that means you cannot have Something unless you also have Nothing. That is why I am the Crux, the Balance, for all that exists.

Those who choose to seek power over others, they are the ones who prove to be the most unworthy. They are the ones who ultimately receive the Ultimate Death of Non-Existence. For they have already chosen to have their heaven within the corporeal existence.

Then He pauses to look at me. It is almost as if He were looking into me.

Yes. The ones you call Absolutists, but perhaps not all to whom you refer with that term, are the primary ones who seek power over others. To have their heaven within their corporeality. They seek to enslave and to control others. Seek to sap their mental will. Sap their mental faculties for free thought. And once they control the will, they continue to sap them for more and more control and power. Mostly in the form of beguiling theft of what is called money. And they tend to also do this through political offices where they exert their power and control to pass laws to favor their abilities and desires for even more power while in the corporeal world. They are the ones who create these fantasies about the true nature of Eternity. Those like you and your family tend to be more reasonable and more rational about everything. You still may not have it correct, but you Rationalists are usually as close to true as any of you can get.

And, No. The corporeal life you had is not a test to see about your worthiness. Well, that is not exactly true either. Basically, it is the corporeal existence one makes for themselves which will also dictate the ethereal existence you will possess in Eternity. In other words, what you have made of life in your corporeal existence is also the life you shall have in the ethereal existence of Eternity. In other words, you now have the Power to create your own existence, your own universe within the multiverse, within Eternity. Whatever you may wish is yours.

And then I look to my wife and twin daughters, seeing the smiles on their faces, and the light begins to fade. I can only hope we are going to my idea of my heaven…

And then… Everything is a blurred fog. My mind a nebulous fugue. A floating blob of liquid glass. A spider web over my body. A blur of white. Then, fade to black…


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Wow! Amazing, but how could you know forsure it is not really God? I wonder how a brain in such shape could have created such a detailed discussion, and finally, are your wife and daughters still alive?

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Russian-Tank: Wow! Amazing,

Russian-Tank: Wow! Amazing, but how could you know forsure it is not really God? I wonder how a brain in such shape could have created such a detailed discussion, and finally, are your wife and daughters still alive?

As I answered another's question: How can I know that God is 100% impossible?

I cannot. I do not. However, if I were to take all the evidence that has been offered over the last 2000 years, I have to conclude that the probability of a god existing is so low that I believe no god exists.

More directly to your question (bold text above). The only reason I have to conclude that what I experienced was NOT God was that if I were to play the "part" of God, in an ad lib and ad hoc "play", then that is exactly what I would say. Because, in my most honest opinion, that is how I would view a supreme entity with ultimate omnipotent power. Such an entity would only be capable of creating and destroying. Nothing more. That entity's power would be so far beyond its own creation, that to touch that creation, it would also destroy that creation.

Thus, if I were to visualize "god", that is how I would do so. I would visualize "god" as doing nothing more than creating the Great Singularity that then began expanding into the universe we know today. Additionally, that "god" would have to possess INFINITE patience. I mean, hell, it has already spent almost 14 billion years watching the universe expand.

Finally, this has been the visualization I have had of "god" since I was in high school over 40 years ago. Thus, when I was in that near death coma, that is how my mind kept itself sane (for lack of better word). Sorry. But in all the psychology classes I took, and some studies into how the mind works, I have found that the mind can work in the most mysterious ways (sound familiar?).

Also search; "g-induced loss of consciousness" and "high g blood loss hallucination in centrifuge" and "military studies into g-induced loss of consciousness". I have found many many documents pertaining to experiences of this phenomenon being virtually the same as the experiences of the NDE experiences.


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For me, when I died, I saw

For me, when I died, I saw the light but it was big at first, and then closed in , like a zoom lense. My opthomologist (sp?) explained that it was the light in the room, and the round shape was because of the way my retina is shaped... round. If our eyes were square, it would be a square light. I remember feeling so good, like it was a fantastic experience. My doctor explained it was because I was losing oxygen so fast, similar to erotic asphyxiation. I told him there was nothing erotic about it when I died. hahaha.

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What is the reasoning behind that god would pick a near death experience to actually, for once, communicate to people in a more visual and clear form? Why pick what normally is a highly traumatic event that can so easily be explained away as a response to trauma and the vagueness and fuzziness of lost of consciousness? Does this god idea purposely try to be extremely vague and difficult to find unless you open yourself to baseless "faith?"

Why does it not come across the far more likely explanation is god is a human created idea to comfort one self on the unknown, that sadly got bastardized into a way to influence and control the masses?

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Logic, did Russian Tank

Logic, did Russian Tank respond to your first question? I don't see anything, unless I'm missing it.

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@Magnificent Beast

@Magnificent Beast
I think RT has left the building again. He comes and he goes, at least he does respond to his new threads for a day or two typically.
He will find something new on NDE's or other supernatural phenomena, share it here, we all discuss, he takes off for a while, and so far always returns with something new and slightly different.



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It seems s/he left after I

It seems s/he left after I posted my NDE and poopooed all over it.


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"Wow! Amazing, but how could

"Wow! Amazing, but how could you know forsure it is not really God? "

Argumentum ad ignorantiam, a feeble attempt to reverse the burden of proof. Epistemologically speaking we can't be 100% certain about anything, all facts must remain tentative as science demands, and science is the gold standard for validating beliefs about reality, as it has proved unequivocally innumerable times. I am sure that you can demonstrate no evidence for any deity, as you have relentlessly preached and proselytised on here time and again, and not once done so. Nor has any other theist, despite being invited to do so.

Pretending that the fact humans experience dreams as long as they are alive, somehow implies something supernatural speaks for itself. If you weren't so closed minded on this topic you would see this. Dreaming about a deity, any deity, no more validates the belief in it than dreaming about mermaids makes them real, and a dying brain doing the dreaming doesn't change that fact.

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It seems to me that NDE’s are

It seems to me that NDE’s are quite a lousy proof of an omnipotent god. If true, they seem to be an example of incompetence on the part of god, more than anything else. As far as I understand it the claim is that god, presumably thinking that the person is dead, triggers his going-into-paradise-routine, but the person is revived and lives to tell the story.
I wonder, however, why an omnipotent god would treat these people as if they were dead if he presumably knows that they will survive.

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As is always the case you're

As is always the case you're left wondering why a deity with limitless power and knowledge is hiding from us. Only giving doubtful peaks that it is real, that are easy to doubt by any open minded person.

Either this deity only wants to save gullible superstitious fantasists, or there is no deity. Oddly enough I think a monk has the best reasoning to help us with this, his name was Occam.


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