in between religion and atheism

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in between religion and atheism

i have heard once someone said that religious people are the reason why atheism exist
because they school you and make you feel unrelated to them ..

not saying that im atheist or not .. not saying you need to choose a religion ..
to people how prove there believes by science .. scientist are people .. may be years from now a new scientist would prove them wrong .. that wouldn't be the first time
dont say the big bang is the truth.. you cant believe in something the scientist say while they go to church every sunday

we have millions of colors .. it exist ..what if i tell you create one more color that we dont have
why the limits .. why our minds cant create things that wasn't inserted in it ..we are like a robot but balanced and waaay intelligent

i love "the hunger game" after watching it i felt mixed emotions .. its a great movie it has director writer .. it didn't exist on its own
.. i wanna live in this movie .. call me crazy

and what if the huger game was about a perfect family and a perfect world?? whatever perfect means to you .. still it would be kind of lame

we are like movies in some ways .. we have people who fight .. kill .. some of us steal .. we loose loved once , some live happily in married in some degree and some get divorced .. that whats good movies have
not perfect families and lame things that i dont want to live in

that is why i believe there is a god .. i dont have to choose a religion that i dont feel like i fit in it because of religious people schooling me or pushing me off of it.
i actually have a religion .. but what made me write what i wrote because i think the most important thing is to see the world from different point and not forcing a religion on you .. you can just believe in a creator but not a religion
if you dont think you are like a robot you have a knowledge base
like what if i tell you to create a creature in your mind that dont have anything that this world have.. be creative .. it is kind of impossible
you can say this creature made of leather, steel, or air .. still these things exists in this world.. what if you said they dont have to breath .. we have creatures in this world that dont breath .. give me things i dont know create them in your mind new material that they are made of ?? material i have never heard of ??

why you have a knowledge baase that is limited .. it is BIG but limited ? if you think you are not made to be a specific been with specific knowledge ? if we are made by accident why you cant expand your knowledge ?? create a color! .. create a material !
dont tell me dragons .. they have fire, leather, tail, face that have shapes we can create .. not a new shape that i cant draw
create something that i cant create expand your mind more than us cause you are not limited and not made

even aliens we imagine them in shapes that humans capable of imagining it .. there is no single person who said i can't see these shapes of this creature and their colors i have never see it before !

this world is magical .. take a walk appreciate everything .. we have good people and murderers .. that what makes us freaking big movie with an awesome creator .. sorry if this is cheesy to you but that is how i think and live

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What did you intend to say?

What did you intend to say?

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that you don't have to agree

that you don't have to agree with a religion .. there is a god

Sara H ALsharif's picture
you can believe there is a

you can believe there is a god .. without getting into a religion

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1) Religion is defined as a

1) Religion is defined as a set of beliefs regarding a supernatural deity, so you kind of can't have a belief in a supernatural deity without having a religion.
2) Even if we could, religion, while dispised as an institution by many atheists, is not why we are atheists. Rather, because there is no reason to believe a god exists.

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You're right, Sara but there

You're right, Sara but there are still people who are more comfortable with both their religion and God. I agree that there are other things to mind but it is important for religious people to do serve the community and the God that they believe.

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we are atheists and not

we are atheists and not necessarily adeists Sara.

However you are making a claim which you are not supporting.
Maybe what you call god has a scientific term that you(or we) haven't discovered yet.

Are you implying that god must have a mind like a human?
or that he cares about you?

If so, then you are not talking about a god but you are talking about a theistic god.

Then we can have a discussion about that.

For now you wasted 3000 letters without even saying what you wanted to say.

Be more specific and maybe someone will deem you worthy of wasting his time with you.

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yes i needed to say all of

yes i needed to say all of this ..
anyway jeff why you think too hard and try to lead the conversation to something else
no i didnt say god have mind like human
and yes i think god cares in his own way .. if you think we shouldn't be poor if god exist then you are wrong .. that is all im saying
life is magical the way it is .. and perfect world shouldn't exist (whatever perfect means to you)

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My life has been torture i

My life has been torture i could make anyone cry in 5 mins ill give one example i had to have my leg cut off and i am in constant extreme pain i take meds to control it which makes it hard to think. Thats not even close to the worst thing thats happened to me.
To think there was a plan that required all the shit ive gone through is a horrible thought.
Before you say im an atheist because of my horrible life i am not. I am an atheist because not a single religion has any evidence at all for it and many have alot against.
It would be illogical to pick any current religion since they have equal evidence in support even the flying spaghetti monster a made up religion is equal to all the other religions in the amount of supporting evidence.
I find it very strange that religious people (christians in particular) spend all their efforts trying to convince atheists they are wrong but very little effort in trying to convince an atheist that their religion has any reason to pick it over another religion.
Its almost as if theists just want atheists to pick a religion any religion because they cannot accept the fact that people can live happy moral lives without a religion.

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So Sara god has a reason for

So Sara god has a reason for the evil in this existence?

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So Sara, all religion aside,

So Sara, all religion aside, if there is a god and we all personally make up our own version what exactly is this god to you. Some would call it the creator I prefer to think it would be more the all of collective creation my version would not care about us on an individual level but rather by simply being it would create environments where life is possible for some types of life form and others where life is not. IN my version of God we would all be a part of it so would every rock molecule and atom very cat rat snake dog woual all be a part if it as well as whatever other lifeforms in the universe may exist.

To play your game though, Let Create A Life Form:

on the planet Alph Baten Num yet to be discovered by humans there exist this creature which absorbs a mineral through its skin which gives it all the fuel it needs to go about living so long as it can stay in motion. the creature has no mouth no lungs and the atmosphere of the planet it lives on is really dense so it floats around all day like a gigantic cloud simply absorbing the minerals in the atmosphere and using the nearby star along with color patterns on its body to both absorb and reflect radiation controlling the pattern depending on what exactly it wishes to do or what direction it wishes to go in. What this means is it direct the absorption of stellar radiation which enables it to move around with little effort. In fact this creature is so efficient that it can continue on even during a storm system which limits light from the nearby star system and thus its ability to move fast which is an unfortunate time for them because this is when they are lured in by another creature which is more or less fungular in nature and requires a darker environment however very seldom does the storm last long enough to actually bring about the demis

this fungular Creature but lives on the surface of the planet Alph Bate Num which sustains itself by sensing when A. it is stormy and can grow above the surface B when there are one of these cloud like creatures and C trying to create comfortable places for these cloud like creature to catch a nap during the storm during which which it will absorb what it needs to sustain itself from the bodies of the cloud like creatures. Much of which later will be expelled back into the atmosphere neither one however is really aware to the existence of each other as living beings though and both have created renditions in their mind of some God like creature that exist soley for in the case of the cloud like creatures as a being that looks like them which creates wonderful resting places and a light source and for the fungular creatures as an incomprehensible force for some reason that it must provide them darkeness and food food. Both however think their gods look remarkably like them because this is all they know.

Little do they know humans are about to discover their existence and many many years later find a way to this planet where they will discover both of these creatures taste delicious. the names chosen for the cloud like creature will be cloudmelleons and for teh fungular type beings Alph Baten Num Amazing Cloud Traps or abnacts for short.

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Looking forward to reading

Looking forward to reading the book when it comes out, Z! :)

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