Bible contradictions

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Bible contradictions

I used to be a Christian and only recently become an atheist after studying the Bible enough to notice the flaws. I believe the Bible in itself to be contradictory enough to prove itself wrong, and I enjoy discussing it with other people, especially Christians who disagree. I would really like to have a one on one debate with any Christian who thinks that they have a logical answer for the contradictions in the Bible.

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Be prepared to meet some

Be prepared to meet some really closed-minded,dense and unreasonable people. I am still nonetheless interested in seeing how this unfolds.

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I am very glad that you have

I am very glad that you have recovered from religion.
Is there anything we might do to help you to adjust to secular life?
Most of us here (I believe) are more than happy to assist you and /or your friends.
Welcome to the real world.

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I don't think so. My life isn

I don't think so. My life isn't very different without religion than it was before. I still practice the same moral principles and live my daily life the same way. I always had a different view of Christianity than most and saw it as a personal thing. I've always hated the formal, impersonal feeling when I went to a big Baptist church (that's mostly what we have where I live). Now I do the same things I always have, but I do it because it's the right thing to do, not because God told me to. My family and everyone else I know still thinks I'm a christian. It will remain that way as long as I can keep it that way. Sharing my beliefs isn't worth the suffering it would cause them if they thought I was going to burn for eternity or, not that this could happen, but if I actually convinced them I was right. That would shatter their entire world. I just feel lucky I saw the absurdity of it before I was too brainwashed. So I still can't openly admit I'm a supporter of gay rights or pro-choice, but now I can vote for what I think is right without feeling like a sinner.

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Hi Ex. You might be

Hi Ex. You might be surprised. If you came out as atheist, you might just discover a number of others who are hiding in the shadows as well.
So far as openly admitting you're in recovery from religion or that you support all human rights, you don't have to light it up like fireworks. You can, instead, just ask them innocent questions: "Help me understand, how does gay marriage effect us personally?" "I'm confused, I read these contradictory passages in the bible, which one is correct?" "I read in the bible that gawd created evil. I don't get why a loving gawd would do that. Do you know the reason?" Et cetera...
Give Greta Christina's book, "Coming Out Atheist" a read. You may find some helpful stuff in it.

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True that! I used to just

True that! I used to just avoid the topic of religion altogether, as most people in my lab and social life did. However, when asked, I will say that I am an agnostic (I'm still a stickler and don't believe there's real proof on either side, but I do believe the odds are *heavily* against theism at this point). I was surprised at the number of people who responded that they were too. Most of the people that I had previously thought were theists actually are not!

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Ex-christian_atheist: I think

Ex-christian_atheist: I think most of us have beem where you are currently and we understand. We also sympathize with racial groups who have been discriminated against for ages. Atheists face similar injustice...and the religious folks make no bones about it. There are many books you can refer to, many are listed on this web site. Two of my favorites are "A Manual for Creating Atheists" by Boghossian, which advises how to speak with the religious to try to get them to open their minds. The other is "The God Argument" by Grayling, with advise for the type of life you indicate you are now living (humanist).

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I m not sure about

I m not sure about contradictions right now but I can't remember ever reading about evil committed by the devil without the order from god. For example when Saul tried to kill David it was because god put an evil spirit in him. When the Egiption Pharo changed his mind on letting the Iseralites go is because god causd his heart to be harden. What I am tring to say is that the devil never committed evil god did. Why is the devil considered evil and god isn't.

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The Bible itself says that

The Bible itself says that God is the one who made all things, even evil. Proverbs 16:4 "The Lord hath made all things for himself:
yea, even the wicked for the day of evil."

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Ex Christian I am also one (

Ex Christian I am also one ( Jehovahs Witnesses) I have numerous encounters with people in the church and my family who are all Jehovahs Witnesses.i try to point out to them the Bible at its latest point of writing is over 1900 years old. There understanding of the earth then was much limited, the Bible is there highest point of understanding of the time the one God theory, which if you put in perspective it was much safer than some others eg, Bale where they used to sacrifice there children to or as it was told. So that was a leap foward for the time. I also think Jesus was a foward thinker for his time, he was no God just a man but ithink his view of social justice eg, when his apostles wanted to stone the prostitute, he said who among you who has not sinned throw thow the first stone. The trouble with Christianity was it was taken on by the Romans and Globalized which lead to the church in all reality running the known civilized world and domination to the extent they created the dark ages. No room there for freedom of thought heretics and dissenters persecuted and killed. I try to point out to my relatives that a huge amount of Knowledge has been accumulated over the past centuries, since Galliao upset the church by declaring the earth was not the center of the universe. All now understanding of the universe we have how our Solar System is just a very insignificant part of one Galaxy and has far as present understanding is there are Billions. They accept this that there is much greater understanding now than when the Bible was written, but cannot get out of there head that the bible is the word of God. They point to miracles prophecy etc, much I hasten to add is done in reflextion. Itis hard work breaking down the religious dogma, especially since they get it reinforced every day by bible study and prayer, which I call DIY brain washing sometimes you get a win. I do not go out of my way to convert anybody, but as most of you know it will come to you, I actually like the debate and challange usually get a tag team attack, it makes life interesting.

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I wonder, when the earth was

I wonder, when the earth was believed to be flat or when the earth was seen as the center, what "evidence" or bible passages would believers have used to convince the skeptics of the day of those concepts(if they didn't just murder them -LOL). I find it funny how the proof has to keep changing as more scientific information is discovered.

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I'm an ex-Christian also. I

I'm an ex-Christian also. I also can't openly say I'm pro-choice. I said that once and my parents thought I wanted to kill babies and my mom went into this spiel how her mom wanted to abort her and how she can't believe I support that. I support gay rights because I'm bisexual though my parents won't believe it because I don't have a boyfriend.

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My adopted mum found out by

My adopted mum found out by accident that i fancy the transgendered shes never really accepted me since.
I find this odd because it was my adopted parents lack of religion that helped me break the indoctrination my real parents did (not that theyd think of it as that).
But back to the op point the biggest contradiction is Thou Shalt Not Kill but in Many Many MANY places orders you to kill and god himself often killed.

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Good point lmale! But isn't

Good point lmale! But isn't that what religions are all about anyway?

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Let me add to that. I meant

Let me add to that. I meant that religions are all about the contradictions,not the killings. :)

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Yea but said contradictions

Yea but said contradictions should cause people to consider. The fact that they dont often is why i feel strongly that religion is caused by indoctrination when young. Ofcourse they dont call it that they call it family influence church and sunday school.

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That's what muslims and

That's what muslims and hindus and many other religions with a holy text and holy leaders do. Does this make them right as well?

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And again, that is what

And again, that is what Muslims would say about Allah. How do you know you are right about Jesus being the only way and they are wrong about Allah being the only way?

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He he my thought exactly.

He he my thought exactly.

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Well, I don't think he exists

Well, I don't think he exists. In all my years of being a Christian I never heard the voince of God, and I certainly don't thin kI will in the future. But it obviously is about what you think is truth. You think that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. Do you think this because he told you so? Because I know of Muslims who think Allah has told them that Jesus was no God. Why shouldn't I believe the muslim? He seems to have just as good reason as you do.

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Right...I'll just ask him

Right...I'll just ask him then.

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Shes basically saying correct

Shes basically saying correct me if im wrong.
You believe in jeasus because your parents believed in jeasus if your parents were muslim youd believe in allah.
You just accepted the first story you were told basically.

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Would you like to share why

Would you like to share why you believe that? What convinced you that it was the truth instead of any other religion? Was it just faith, or was there actual rationality and reasoning behind it?

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I should say they say

I should say they say physical laws can change no real scientist has said that.

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hahahaha lol...but i thought

hahahaha lol...but i thought there was something in the bible about the number of species of animals created by god is fixed since the beginning of did they explain evolution and extinction?

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I dont recall seeing a theist

I dont recall seeing a theist ever mention extinction.
But you reminded me of something. The arc supposedly held 14000 animals 7000 mating pairs.
1. One pair of creatures human or otherwise do not have enough genetic diversity to populate a spices. Mutations would crop up in 2nd or 3rd generations then regularly after that.
2. Given that we know of 14 million species of creatures alive right now. God would have had to made over 15 new species a DAY to get us to the 14 mill we know of not to mention ones not yet found. Based on when the christians reckon the flood happened.

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ya and make no mistake..these

ya and make no mistake..these faults exist in every religion in the world..not just christianity...not to mention the similarities in every religion, that cannot be overlooked

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Yea but i cannot comment on

Yea but i cannot comment on other religions i cannot commit things to memory because of medication but memories from my youth and the indoctrination are intact so i can comment on christianity.

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I like the Bible and consider

I like the Bible and consider it a great work of art and full of insight. Into how stupid, perverted and corrupt people are. Which I believe is something we could all learn about. It's full of contradictions and to approach it literalistic is frightening that anyone would try to do that. In it we created a stupid corrupt and perverted God who realised what a mess he made so he came to earth and we killed him.

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To get back to the original

To get back to the original post i think you will really like this link.
A young man designed an interactive site that links all the contradictions and has accompanying data.
Unfortunately its not a mobile site you actually hover the mouse arrow over stuff for details.
Here you go:


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