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I'm assuming this is because

I'm assuming this is because you believe that a true christian is someone who is possesed by the holy spirit. And you believe that once this has happened, there is no way one would turn away from it. Well, I can assure you that I was once as strong a believer as you or any other. Was I possesed by the holy spirit? Of course not. Such a thing doesn't exist. I don't believe you are either. So I guess according to your defintion, I don't believe in true Christians.

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"I don't believe in ex-christians."

Fascinating ....

Of course neither do you believe in checking postings dates .....

You seem to be necro-posting ..... this thread has been inactive for around 4 months...

and while talking to yourself is a fairly common practice ... it does become a bit weird when you try picking a fight with yourself..'s picture
You'll excuse my ignorance as

You'll excuse my ignorance as im mew to the site. I did, though, see the posting dates but decided to post anyway, as you can tell, some answered, some did not, so be it.
Oh, and i am not trying to pick a fight

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It is remarkable how quickly religious apologists can dismiss proof that is not to their likings.

I take it you are a modern creationist and object only against macroevolution, not microevolution? Since there are now several documented observed examples of evolution in fruit flies, mice, bacteria and more recently in lizards, the more modern creationists have stopped denying microevolution.
After Darwin published his theory, the amount of supporting evidence has increased vastly. Many scientists opposed Darwin's theories, but has since been overwhelmed by observations in multiple scientific fields. The most obvious critique was to attack the large gaps in transitions between different species, but these gaps have been closing rapidly, as more and more supporting evidence are found.

Do you just reject the existence of the fossil records? Is it that you believe that the Earth is no more than 12000 years old and that there simply was no time for evolution?
I wonder, if physical proof of the same scientific status was discovered, that supported the existence of Jesus, would you discard that just as easily?

How do you conclude that Darwinian evolution has not a shred of evidence? And that it has no scientific value? Can you be more specific on what your critique is? I get that some choose to not believe in evolution, but to claim that there is not a shred of evidence...

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Isn't the popular answer

Isn't the popular answer about fossils that god planted them to test the faith of believers? That, and dinosaurs and humans co-existed. LOL

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Blah, if the religious texts

Blah, if the religious texts being imperfect was enough to destroy religious belief, there wouldn't be any religion left. People like to pretend that the bible is important to Christianity, but there are a great deal of self-proclaimed Christians who haven't actually read the damn thing, and simply don't REALLY care what it says. As long as they can FEEL forgiven for their actions unconditionally, they can keep behaving the way they always do, without that pesky burden of conscience any reasonable person SHOULD feel.

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Yea, that is true, most

Yea, that is true, most Christians do not follow the bible but the church, even if they are faced with the fact that the church is made by humans which do mistakes.
However they think that they are following the bible because they trust that their church is. .


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