Bill Mayer wins the Free Speech dis-invitation protest against him

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Bill Mayer wins the Free Speech dis-invitation protest against him

This the Real Time; Maher vs. Muslim Journo on Berkeley Speech
Play the Video:

It is clear to me that Muslim Journo and those students do not understand what the purpose of free speech is:

You do not judge the person but the argument.
Free speech enables enables a discriminated person in having a say.

Mayer opinion about religion has nothing to do about the free speech argument.

The worst person of the planet can still make a decent argument thanks to free speech.

This is discrimination against a person just because they do not agree with an irrelevant argument(Islam) that he once said.
As if he cannot make good arguments regarding something else like Free Speech because of it.

This is what religion brings, this idea that it is OK to hate the person that criticizes your god.

This hate is seen clearly in Muslim Journo attempt to discredit Mayer objectivity regarding Freedom of Speech argument.
She has clearly no grounds at all yet somehow in her world, everything Mayer says is wrong.
"JEBREAL: You don't. For you, we are all jihadists."
When someone has such bias in an debate against a person, there is simply no room for debating at all, so Mayer was wise to move on.

Apart from that, if I was a Muslim and was at least 10% as smart as I currently am, I would welcome Bill Mayer speech since it would be a nice occasion to see what he thinks about free speech and give me a chance to catch him on something that he is wrong about.
That is, if I was convinced that he was in the wrong about Islam like most Muslims think.
If he demonstrates his bias of anti Islam to the public and lies about something then it would be a point in the Islam favor.

"View" Panel Defends Bill Maher From Berkeley Students Trying to Ban Him From Campus:

So moderate Muslims are really not smart at all, Mayer is handing you on a plate the chance to attack him and you refute it just because of your bias of not letting him speak on a different subject which happens to be free speech?(dam stupid)
This just supports the idea that to be a Muslim you need to have a low level of IQ or have been brainwashed from birth.

Get it in your head that we debaters, love to hear your speeches because we can publicly humiliate your arguments later and we have so much fun in doing so.
Only bullies and dictators do not like speeches, just like the ones that published all the major religions which show intolerance to free speech throughout history.
Islam and Christianity are at the top of those.

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"This just supports the idea

"This just supports the idea that to be a Muslim you need to have a low level of IQ or have been brainwashed from birth."-

No it doesn't, but its funny that you think such generalizations are supportable.

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I'll do you an other

I'll do you an other generalization, not just Muslims but all theist are.
I had a topic regarding this issue.

It is funny to think that that there is a sane theist at all.

Someone who thinks that gullibility or attacks the character rather then the argument without even knowing it has a low level of IQ or he is deluded which comes from brainwashing.

All theist adopt this attitude in all the arguments I have seen so far.

If you have an example that says otherwise I am ready to change my mind.

Give a sane argument of a theist?
One that even makes sens regarding their theistic faith?

If you have a logical answer why that is? that you haven't showed up an example to support your claim yet?

My conclusion to the clear indication of insanity is that they either have low IQ or were abused when they were kids and thus they became stupid with time.

If you have an other conclusion to the current facts that "Theists are unreasonable" just like this Muslim Journo where she doesn't even understand freedom of speech please enlighten me?

You have challenged by argument before but never supported your challenge, hope you do otherwise now.

I just come up with my conclusion why theist come with such stupid claims, I view it as a very serious issue that humanity faces.
There is nothing funny about it. It is the most logical conclusion to the current facts.

Why do you think theists come up with such stupid arguments then?

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I am pretty sure that Richard

I am pretty sure that Richard Dawkins shares my same conclusion regarding theists that think that evolution and Christianity can co-exist.
That they are deluded.

Even worse are those that think that god created the wold in 7 days
They are deluded.

Delusion at this extreme level is the result of brainwashing or low level of IQ, enough to abandon reason.

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The main reason why I see

The main reason why I see Christians as insane is manly because they see this as OK and worthy of worship:

I consider those people that accept such lack of reason either pure evil or insane.

I'd rather go with the insane conclusion.

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What’s sad is how determined

What’s sad is how determined theists are to pollute the minds of children. The federal case of Kitzmiller v. Dover School District is a classic example of how far they will lie, cheat whatever it takes to access the minds of impressionable children. I agree they are insane.

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Yea, the brainwashing of

Yea, the brainwashing of children at an age where they are not mature enough to understand a theology must be called for what it is.
Child Rape.

We do not teach children how to hill humans because they are not psychologically ready. It might damage their mental health when they grow up.
We should not teach children to believe whatever people say about god without doubt and that doubt is a sin since they are not psychologically ready.
This results in damaging their critical thinking when they grow up and end up being humiliated in public with stupid arguments they come up with without knowing it.

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I believe that there are

I believe that there are religious people and Muslims who have extremely high IQ and it has nothing to do with their beliefs. Maybe, they are just brainwashed for ages.

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